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Inky Dinky Do

a PAW web exclusive column by Hugh O'Bleary

December 4, 2002:


Inky Dinky Do Archives, Volume 03:

November 20, 2002:

Welcome back
Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see how good we've got it
October 9, 2002: What other side of paradise?
Hey, Princeton students, while you’re here, at least take a look around
September 11, 2002: Princeton's new test: Assessing ethics
Applicants will E.A.T. it up

Inky Dinky Do Archives, Volume 02:

July 7, 2002: TRAIN WRECK
Could Princeton absorb its commuter workforce?
June 5, 2002: A college town that isn't
Why isn't Princeton more like Ann Arbor, say?
May 15, 2002: Marching feats
You love a parade? I love a P-rade!
April 24, 2002: Happy campers
Hello, Mudda, Hello, Fadda. Here am I at Camp Alma Mata
April 10, 2002: Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Dinky
(With apologies to Wallace Stevens)
March 27 , 2002: Too close for comfort?
A view from the other side of the Princeton Paradise
March 13, 2002 Buying in
An old alum comes to terms with Princeton’s New Deal
February 27 , 2002: Hugh O'Bleary is on vacation this week.
February 13 , 2002: Olympic Orange
It's the venue, stupid!
January 30 , 2002: Close to home
While academic worlds totter, the real world goes on
December 19, 2001: Breaking the falls
Youthful highjinks and highwires on campus
December 5, 2001:
Admissions impossible
Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry makes it into Princeton these days
November 21, 2001: It's About Time
How Professor Gott somehow got it, and I didn't
November 7, 2001: A bird above all
With anxiety all around, one campus resident commands respect
October 24, 2001:

You gotta love it!
Princeton inspires producers in Hollywood

October 10, 2001: After September 11, commuting means more than just back and forth on the train
September 12, 2001:

With apologies to Larry King

Inky Dinky Do Archives, Volume 01:


Spirits in the night
Modeling responsible drinking at Frist

10/11/00 Be all that I can be!
I'm trying, I'm trying, but in Princeton, it's pretty hard
A long campaign for a diehard Tiger

Aaaah, those abs!
Keeping fit in a college town

11/22/00 It's November, and a commuter's thoughts turn to thanks
12/6/00 Gift-giving time, again
Do Princetonians deserve gifts?
1/21/01 Born to Schlepp
Or how Bruce Springsteen, auditor, reaches into the ranks of commuters
2/7/01 Big "P", an orange-and-black umbrella, a PAW
Discreet signs that a Tiger lurks
2/21/01 A Mod Squad for the Street
Undercover cops penetrate the eating clubs: fact or fiction
3/7/01 Meadow Soprano's off to Columbia University
At least one alumnus laments Princeton's loss
3/21/01 Day of the Biscuits
When Garrison Keillor comes to town, it's not exactly Bob Dylan, or is it?
4/4/01 Sweet cars of youth
It was the Cadillac that sent Henry Herthingbone '53 aflutter
4/18/01 The Dinky - last stop before static
Even dowagers are connected
5/6/01 Just who are those four baggy-shorted fellows
Wishful thinking on the train to Princeton
6/16/01 Paradise regained
A summer in Princeton can be the best vacation of all
Late July,
Those Were the Days
Whether you’re 21 or 71, all things change too much