Alumni Spotlight archives:
An index of PAW profiles. Alumni are listed in class order.

Volume 08 (2007-08):

Fred Gregory '50: Taking legal care of Bloomington's old and infirm

Krist Jake '66: Celebrating the oceans

Martin Eichelberger '67: Preventing childhood injuries

Mitch Daniels '71: Tackling Indiana’s economy

Chris Acker '73: Restoring antique pianos

Cushney Roberts ’76: Engineer-turned-vocalist heats up the stage

Cheryl Cohen-Vader ’77: Managing the unpredictable

Gary Rosenberg ’81: Organizing the world’s mollusks

Sarah E. Walzer ’82: Getting children ready for school

Lisa Jackson *86: Protecting the environment

Paula Goldman *01: Motivating women to speak out

Lauren (Holuba) Nelson '04: Serving soldiers and their families

Molly Fay ’06: Hiking for health clinics

Princeton attorneys: Mentoring minority law students

Los Angeles book group: Exchanging ideas and friendship

On the campaign trail: Working to elect John Edwards

METROsquash: Tutoring on and off the court

Volume 07 (2006-07):

Richard Scudder '35 Still at the helm

Archibald G. Fletcher '38: Looking back on a lifetime abroad

"Rocky" King '45: Still performing after all these years

James Billington ’50: Disseminating knowledge

Robert Jiranek ’52: Sharing a passion

Hugh MacMillan ’64: Program rebuilds prisoners’ lives

Michael Greco '65: Defending the Constitution

Ricardo Fernández *70: Extending educational opportunity


Garrett Hack '74: Crafting the old-fashioned way

Susan Danoff ’75: Bringing stories to life

Christine Brady ’79 has brought medical care and dance to children in a shantytown

Wendy Gordon Rockefeller ’79: Working for a greener earth

Martin Eakes *80: Lifting people out of poverty

Wendy Sayvetz '81: Singing underground in New York

Maria Trumpler ’82: Making cheese on the farm

Jennifer Bryan ’83: Making it OK to be gay

Emmett D. Carson *85 has focused on immigration, education, and racial disparity

John Perry ’86 and Sarah Pelmas ’86: Cutting down on consumption

Bob Attiyeh ’87: Helping young musicians make it

Anika Rahman ’87: Empowering poor women

Jeff Ingold ’90: Working for laughs

Friends of Robert Myslik '90: Running for Rob

Aaron Kornblum '93: Catching cybercriminals

Kala Parker ’95: Bruised and battered for rugby

Joe Hernandez-Kolski ’96: Empowering teens through poetry

Katherine Hays '98: Reaching gamers with advertising

Heather Hopkins ’99: Making the first day of school special

Timothy Ferriss '00: From workaholic to tango king

Robert Accordino ’03: Bringing music to autistic children

PAANI : Boys (and girls, men and women) of summer


Volume 06 (2005-06):

Henry Mayer ’35’s career in medicine spans 57 years

Robert Budd Gibby ’36 helps educate youth

Carl Hartman ’36 still writes for the Associated Press

Keeping Fred Fox ’39 alive through giving

Anthony Duke ’41 offers inner-city youths what suburbs take for granted

Charles T. Brumback ’50 retires to the citrus industry

Alex McLeod ’56 helps trace his Scottish clan

Subhi Abu-Gosh *65, an Arab citizen of Israel, has been a judge and political science lecturer, but avoids politics

Thomas Hanks ’66 strives to predict the earth’s violent shudders

Porter Johnson *67 teaches the physics of baseball

Peter Smith ’68 focuses on a world stage

Evangelical Christian lobbyist Richard Land '69

Della Britton ’75 promotes Jackie Robinson’s legacy

James Pagliarini ’75 aims to make public television more accessible

Fielding Lamason ’76 supports and helps rebuild New Orleans’ musical community

Tina deVaron ’78 captures her motherhood journey

David Sanders ’79 leads the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services

Hans Hageman ’80 offers inner-city youths what suburbs take for granted

Yadin Kaufmann ’80 puts hundreds of heads together

Doug Lederman ’84 starts higher education publication

Charles McPhee ’85 interprets nighttime visions

Jim Henderson ’87 founded a class fund that helps classmates serve others in their own hometowns

Kate Williams ’89 educates travelers along old water routes

Wentworth Miller ’95 lands lead TV role

Cancer survivor Tom Tucker ’95 races for charity

Ann Ellis ’01 establishes a school in a Nairobi slum

New York City architects Janette Kim *01 and Chloe Town *02 design stirring AIDS memorial

Dana Malman ’03, Rishi Jaitly ’04, Melissa Galvez ’05, Alex Stege ’05, and Katharine Mullen ’03: getting low-income students to apply to college—and succeed

Gathering through song : Nassoons Mini-reunions

The Princeton Jazz Quartet: Almost 50 years after their graduation, four jazz players have united to form a quartet.

Alumni clerk for supreme court justices


Volume 05 (2004-05):

Randolph “Pat” Jenks ’36 lived large in the Wild West

Fred Fisher ’54 finds his passion in growing grapes

Greg Farrell ’57 structures schools around learning expeditions

Michael J. Shannon ’57 and Albert J. Beveridge III ’57 head back to school for advanced degrees

J. Robert Hillier ’59 *61 leaves his mark on Princeton

Toshio Hara ’60’s museum celebrates 25 years in Japan

J. Victor Lebacqz ’64 *77 leads NASA’s aeronautical research

Marcus Burke ’69 revitalizes Spanish art museum

Christopher Janney ’72 creates urban art

Sara Sill ’73 now lives in art world

Andrew Levin ’76 develops diagnostic test for anthrax

Joanne Csete ’77 works to protect populations affected by AIDS

Marvin Slepian ’77 helps invent completely artificial device to pump blood

Laurie Lola Vollen ’78 comes to aid of exonerated prisoners

Valerie Erwin ’79 opens Philadelphia eatery to revive neighborhood

Rob Goldberg ’79 produces award-winning documentaries, plays in a band, and coaches kids basketball

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones ’79 and Mimi Chen ’79 work to amend U.S. Constitution

Musical comedian Peter Yawitz ’80 makes fun of working stiffs

Paul Bauman ’81 has helped unearth ancient sites in Israel

Richard Harwood *84 inspires civic engagement

Larry Rosin ’84 and Joe Lenski ’87 conduct exit polling for elections

Jennifer Wythes Vettel ’86 helps create a safe place for at-risk kids

Valerie Vigoda ’87 tours with her band

Carroll Dunham ’85 and Nina Henning ’96 sell herbal products worldwide

Peter Maruca ’87 raises barn for Hollie Powers Holt ’78

Peggy Moss ’88 pens children’s book on bullying

Ginger Strand *92 on writing: ‘Sometimes it happens like magic’

Richard Rusczyk ’93 creates online community for number lovers

Katy Walden ’95 discovers Tibet as film crew follows

Christine Chen ’97 soars through the air for modern dance

Tucker Farrar ’98 organizes camping trips for kids in need of escape

Kristen Heissenbuttel ’99 designs sails

Princeton-in-Asia fellow Mark Zee ’03 becomes a celebrity in Singapore


Volume 04 (2003-04):

William Scheide ๊36 continues to contribute to the world of music and books

Bernard Ryan ’46 has spent a lifetime crafting words

Arthur Whinston ๊46 *47 and his wife are world champion power lifters

Bruce Douglas ๊47 owns one of the most extensive buttonhook collections

Lincoln Brower ’53 works to preserve monarch butterfly breeding grounds

Nelson Runger ๊53 makes second career of recording books

Jon Rogers ๊54 helps farmers who grow quality beans

Paul Sisco ’67 and Philip Pritchard ’61 join effort to grow blight-resistant trees

Michael Haroz ’67, Kitt Sawitsky ’71, David Abromowitz ’78, Andrew Zelermyer ’85:
Boston firm’s Princeton alumni work for pro bono and paying clients

Rick Belding '69 has run every day for the last 13 years

Attorney Gordon Bonnyman ’69 fights for Tennessee’s indigents

Carlton Brown ๊73 designs new model for affordable housing

Carol A. Smith '78 helps city kids become friends and develop skills

Nancy Herkness '79 writes her first romance novel

Comic Josh Kornbluth ๊80 uses his foibles in monologues

Cynthia Lazaroff ๊80 works to stop destruction of coral reefs

Steven Strogatz '80 pioneers new science of sync

Abigail Bach ๊81 left Wall Street to help abused women rebuild their lives

Pediatrician Alan Greene '81 answers parents' questions

Kim Goodwin '81 makes her mark in finance

Elena Kagan ๊81 becomes first female Harvard law dean

David Lewis ’83 protects San Francisco’s natural resource

Richard Preston *83 writes an uplifting Christmas story

Liz Duffy ๊88 is first woman to lead Lawrenceville School

Jeremy Toback '88 makes music for yoga

Wende Elliott ’90 helps organic family farmers survive

Anthony Marx *90 takes over at Amherst

Delphine Hirsh '92 helps you get through the hurt

Jesse Johnson ๊93 makes environmentally friendly sofas and chairs

Susie Gelbron '95 makes custom invitations and announcements using traditional art of letterpress printing

McKay Jenkins *96 chronicles an elite unit specializing in winter and high-altitude combat

Composer Scott Salinas ’97 writes music for films

James Stanford '98: Young filmmaker finds gratification but tough going

Laurie Kaufmann '99 creates trendy purses

Windi Lassiter ’00 helps people and wildlife peacefully coexist

Xiaohui Fan *00 scans the sky for very very very old stars


Volume 03 (2002-03):

Writers Block

Sanders Maxwell '39 If Princeton has its own Piano Man, it could be Sanders Maxwell

Rick Kennedy '57 makes Tokyo his pearl

Joseph Nye '58 argues that the U.S. can't go it alone

Tim Walsh ’67 collaborates with other Princetonians at an eating-disorder clinic in NYC

Joel Babb '69: an artist schooled in the abstract learns to be a naturalist

Roger Nierenberg ’69 teaches leadership skills from the conductor's podium

Robert Bunning '75: Doctor by day, musician at night

Eric Moe '67, composer and performer, finds layers of meaning in his work

Don George '75 examines life abroad

Michael Devlin ’78 collaborates with other Princetonians at an eating-disorder clinic in NYC

René Gonzalez ’79 creator of SimMan, a life-like robot for medical training

Burns Stanfield '82, urban pastor, helps low-income neighbors

Evelyn Attia ’82 collaborates with other Princetonians at an eating-disorder clinic in NYC

Andy Ilves '82 is director of Radio Free Afghanistan

Julia Anderson '84 made it her career to overcome discrimination based on sexual preferences

Jeffrey O'Dwyer '89, first-time novelist, makes fun of fast food industry

Margaret Gray '91: Her first book: The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool

Joshua Marshall '91, political pundit, opines on his blog, Talking Points Memo

Michael Jamin '92 at home on King of the Hill

Jesse Johnson '93 makes environmentally friendly sofas, chairs, beds

Angie Day '94 writes a coming-of-age novel after work and on weekends

Ioannis Mentzas '94 and Micah Burch '95 translate and publish popular Japanese novelists

Valerie Weiss ’95 started a film program for Harvard graduate students like herself

Nicole Lorenzo '96 designs new line of flirty, and functional, undergarments

Lauren Escott ’99 collaborates with other Princetonians at an eating-disorder clinic in NYC

Josh Morris '99 pushing climbing to new heights in northern Thailand

Brian White ’00 helps Afghan refugees who have returned home

Karen Weissman *89, A Spiritual Chick, moves from engineering to metaphysics

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi *90 uses her experience to forge academic career


Volume 02 (2001-02):

Dave Burns '53: Musician resurrects a Golden Age

William Hamilton '54: Orthopedist sees to feet, legs, and hips of dancers

Thomas Graham ’55: Arms control advocate and specialist

Frank Deford '61: Writer explores Rubens and reincarnation in his seventh novel

Bud Rose ’63: UptoDate doctor provides information to health care professionals

Alan Lopez '65: Pilot of vintage biplane flies to out of the way places

Lewis MacAdams ’66: Poet leads preservation group to clean up the Los Angeles River

Julian McPhillips ’68: Lawyer and advocate for the underdog

Peter Kaminsky '69: Writer obsesses on food and fishing

Neil Henry '77: Talks about his book Pearl's Secret: A Black Man's Search for His White Family

Steven L. Graham '78: Businessman makes "CraftLace" and "Noooodles" for kiddie crafts

Dan Ciporin '80: CEO of helps users find the best prices on scores of products

John Katzman '81 talks about his SAT tutoring company, Princeton Review

Christoper Chambers ’82: With his first novel, attorney breaks new ground in crime story genre

Louis Hawthorne '83: Cloner hopes to duplicate favorite pets

Roland C. Warren '83: leads National Fatherhood Initiative's fight to reduce fatherless homes

Mark Bernstein '83: Football: Not just an Ivy League sport anymore

Norma Bowles '84: Theater director sows tolerance, reaches out to gay youth

Martin Harris '84: An undefeated attorney

Alison Graham ’84: Helps establish showbiz network for alumni

Emily Liman '85: Molecular biologist studies missing genetic link in humans

Anthony Romero '87: Head of the ACLU in charge at a critical time when civil rights are under siege

Suzanne Fiske ’87: Pro footballer hits hard

Daniel Castor ’88: Architect draws architectural treasures in innovative style

Demetri '88 and Kim Coupounas '89: Entrepreneurs create new outdoor, ultra-light gear

Susan Schwartz '88: Actress and singer and writer creates work based on porn film dialogue  

Will Weiser '89: Publicist talks about his job as director of publicity at Crown Business Publishers

Stephanie Rosenbaum ’90: Her new sassy bride book encourages brides-to-be to think creatively

Laura Bakos '90: Extreme skier hikes up, skis down world's highest peaks

Vivasan Soni ’91: Literary scholar studies happiness

Peter Hessler '92: Writer talks about teaching in China and his new book, River Town

Gifford Miller '92: Speaker of New York City Council faces challenges as speaker of City Council

Danielle Allen '93: A classicist wins a "genius" grant  

Graham Burnett '93: Historian of science explores history and the history of exploring

Rajiv Vinnakota '93: Educator of SEED Public Charter School rears fresh, new minds in nation's capital

'94ers Jennifer Greene, Kim Newell, and Mary Lantin: They help doctors cross cultural barriers that divide them from their patients

Ali Salaverria '94: Creator of bras and briefs for the trendy set

Joanne Shen ’94:Filmmaker documents the exciting side of life

Lesley Carlin '95: Etiquette Girl talks about her new book of manners, Things You Need to Be Told

Frank Lomax '95, Erik Bue '96 and John Lettow '95: Inventors and entrepreneurs turn natural gas into hydrogen

Chris Lear ’96: Writer and runner recounts his year of running cross-country with the University of Colorado

Amy Kapczynski ’96: Activist helped make AIDS drugs more accessible in South Africa

Jordan Roth '97: Impressario sees his disco show into a second year and opens a new Rocky Horror Picture Show

Jonathan Foer ’99: Debut novelist gets good reviews for "Everything Is Illuminated"

Frederick Crews *58: Author of The Pooh Perplex, pokes the Academy once more with his new book, Postmodern Pooh

Peter Bell *64: CARE president roots out poverty, affirms dignity

Anne Matthews *81: In her book, she chronicles nature’s tenacious hold on habitat  


Volume 01 (2000-01):  

Tribute to Medal of Honor recipient Sandy Bonnyman '32 By Richard A. Davis '47

Sheldon Meyer '49 edited more than 50 books on American history

Dick Purdue '50: Internet publisher seeks quality material out of the mainstream

John Bogle '51: A look at how the financial maven got started

Ralph Nader ’55 looks back at the election 2000

Roger Wood '62: Scientist and ecologist prowls New Jersey causeways looking for turtles who've lost the race against cars

Julian L. McPhillips '68: a lawyer for all people

Alan Lightman '70: Author looks at the modern age in his novel, The Diagnosis

Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. '71: New head of the Office of Management and Budget for President Bush

Alfred '72 Glossbrenner: With his wife, Emily, they offer literary tidbits about your favorite authors

Barbara Ilene Adler '76: An essay on her state of mental health

Madison Smartt Bell '79: Author and professor finds himself a literary mentor to his students

Mark Bailey '81: Entrepreneur makes business-to-business easy

Through Alex Sanford '81's, listeners can hear radio from around the world 

Jane Shumate Alison '83: Debut novel, The Love-Artist , gets good reviews

Bruce Resnick '83: Inventor of HanuKat, a character for the Jewish holiday

Tom Rankin '83: Tour-maker in Rome, shows others the hidden and not-so-hidden treasures of the Eternal City

David Siegel '83's utilizes bookmarks as guideposts

Sina Khajeh-Najafi '87: His literary magazine, Cabinet, offers the eclectic and art

Antonio Romero '87: His website,, brings world wide culture to your screen

Frederick Reiken '88: A writer talks about his new book and the writing life

Dan Porter '88's dot-com that's better than a grapevine

Wendy Kopp '89: Education reformer talks about her life and work and book

Joe Gawronski '91's on-line reservation site,

John McIntyre '91 and Tom Bevan '91 create website for opinion and analysis,

Jennifer Weiner '91: First-time novelist writes book about bad boyfriends

Akhil Sharma ’92: Investment banker pens award-winning novel, The Obedient Father

Danny Grossi '93: Physican and saleman on the Internet

Kristina Baldwin Larson '93: Sells art online in her cyber-gallery

Brian Widell '94 and Marc Chabot '97: Creators of Profit Tools, which keeps freight moving

Peter Mills '95 and Cara Reichel ’96: Thespians and producers for the Prospect Theater Company

James Stanford '98 and David Nee ’98 work on a film about the Internet

Jeff Pojanowski '00: Writes about his experiences taking wheelchairs to the Gaza Strip

Benjamin S. Farmer '01: Behind the lens for Esquire magazine

Art professor appreciation: A tribute to Professor John R. Martin *47

Rebecca Goldstein *77: Writer, an imp of metaphysics, talks  

Ann Case *83: Of stepfamilies and of poverty in South Africa