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July 7, 2002:

Preparing for the worst
Senator Bill Frist '74 looks at bioterrorism

The clash of careers and kids
Lisa Belkin Gelb '82 talks about her new book

Features Archives, Volume 02:

June 5, 2002:


Faculty File:
Lupus link
Martin Weigert discovers point where immunity breaks down

Alumni Spotlight:
Take that!
David Kahn '94 teaches New Yorkers self-defense

Alumni Spotlight:
The new bellboy
Erik Anderson '84, one of the guys behind Nokia, brings interest in art and architecture to making mobile phones

Alumni Spotlight:
Abs to the altar
Fitness trainer, Tracy Effinger '91 offers workout advice to soon-to-be-marrieds

April 24, 2002

The academics of terrorism
What Princeton professors are exploring in their research

Alumni Spotlight:
Sensing is believing

Emily Liman '85 studies missing genetic link in humans

Alumni Spotlight:
Ending "cooties"

Theater director Norma Bowles '84 sows tolerance, reaches out to gay youth

Alumni Spotlight:
It's a gimp thing
Steven L. Graham '78 makes "CraftLace" and "Noooodles" for kiddie crafts

April 10, 2002:

Nurturing Success
Alumnus's SEED Public Charter School rearing fresh, new minds in nation's capital
By Argelio Dumenigo

A Tribute to Dean Ernest Gordon
From a letter Allard wrote for the Class of 1974 letter for The American Oxonian
By Nicholas Allard '74

The Making of a boathouse:
The C. Bernard Shea '16 Rowing Center

An Irresistible Pull
When a boatman learns that practice makes victory
By Jay Paris '71

Alumni Spotlight:
A dancer's doctor
Orthopedist William Hamilton '54 sees to feet, legs, and hips
By Caroline Moseley

Alumni Spotlight:
Still undefeated
Attorney Martin Harris '84 has never lost a case
By Kathryn Levy Feldman '78

Alumni Spotlight:
The wind in his hair
Alan Lopez '65 pilots vintage biplane to out of the way places
By Caroline Moseley

Alumni Spotlight:
Relieving suffering, building hope
CARE president Peter Bell *64 roots out poverty, affirms dignity
By Marianne Eismann '79

March 27, 2002:

Alumni Spotlight:
Better bedside manners
'94ers Jennifer Greene, Kim Newell, and Mary Lantin help doctors cross cultural barriers that divide them from their patients
By A. Melissa Kiser '75

Faculty File:
Hialeah history
Professor Patricia Fernandez-Kelly explores the world of the Cuban immigrant

March 13 , 2002:

Alumni Spotlight:
Big plans for New York City
Gifford Miller '92 faces challenges as speaker of City Council

Alumni Spotlight:
Fascinated by Rubens and reincarnation

Frank Deford '61 explores both in his seventh novel
By Kate Swearengen '04

Alumni Spotlight:
Go light, ultra light

Demetri '88 and Kim Coupounas '89 create new outdoor gear

February 27, 2002:

Alumni Spotlight:
Making music
Singer and trombonist Dave Burns '53 resurrects a Golden Age

Alumni Spotlight:
Civil rights under siege
Anthony Romero '87 heads ACLU and a critical time

Alumni Spotlight:
A fancy gas station
Frank Lomax '95, Erik Bue '96 and John Lettow '95 turn natural gas into hydrogen

February 13, 2002:

Faculty Profile:
Fatherhood counts big for kids
Roland C. Warren '83 leads National Fatherhood Initiative's fight to reduce fatherless homes

Why wear white? And who needs a wedding cake, anyway?
Stephanie Rosenbaum new sassy bride book encourages brides-to-be to think creatively

Tracking the way of the tire
Professor Alan Krueger and graduate student Alexandre Mas found that strikes play a role in the product

January 30, 2002:

Faculty Profile:
More isn't always better when it comes to making a decision
Eldar Shafir, professor of psychology, finds that information alone isn't always the key

Prepping for college
John Katzman '81 talks about his SAT tutoring company, Princeton Review
By Richard Atcheson '56

A.A. Milne gets mimicked, again
Lit crit Frederick Crews *58, author of The Pooh Perplex, pokes the Academy once more with his new book, Postmodern Pooh
By David Marcus '92

December 19, 2001:

A classicist wins "genius" grant
Danielle Allen '93's studies range from Greek poetry to Ralph Ellison
By Louis Jacobson '92

Graham Burnett '93: Historian of science
Exploring history and the history of exploring
By David Marcus '92

Food and Fishing
Writer Peter Kaminsky '69 obsesses on both
By J.I. Merritt '66

Donkey dancing in NYC
Jordan Roth '97 sees his disco show into a second year and opens anew Rocky Horror Picture Show
by David Marcus '92

December 5, 2001:

Selling the book
Will Weiser '89 talks about his job as director of publicity at Crown Business Publishers
By Rob Mackay '89

It's more than the climb
Summiting Mt. Princeton on a beautiful day in June
By Erika Schielke '01

American mercenaries in Rhodesia
Exploring diplomatic history in Zimbabwe
By Andy DeRoche '89

November 21, 2001:

Fixing the Bureau
Suggestions from a long-time observer, Cilfford Karchmer '68
By Tom Nugent

Who's rude, and who's not?
Etiquette Girl Lesley Carlin '95 on the occasion of her new book of manners, Things You Need to Be Told
(And it would be highly rude to omit mention of her coauthor, Honore McDonough Ervin.)

November 7, 2001:

The Road To Jericho
A Contemporaneous Tale of Good and Evil
By William Prickett '47

Years on the Yangtze
A profile of Peter Hessler '92 about teaching in China and his new book, River Town
By Kate Swearengen '04

October 24, 2001:

China and the modern world
Professor Perry Link talks about global terrorism and his book The Tiananmen Papers
By Fran Hulette

Comparison shopping
Dan Ciporin '80, CEO of Dealtime.com, helps users find the best prices on scores of products
By Rob MacKay '89

October 10, 2001:

Buffalo Running
Writer Chris Lear ’96 recounts his year of running cross-country with the University of Colorado
By Rich O’Brien

Cloning pets, closer than you think thanks for Louis Hawthorne '83
Genetic Savings & Clone has already cloned a bull and a goat
By Rob MacKay '89

September 12, 2001:

Moby-Dick: The Story of a Start-Up
By August J. Moretti '72

Susan Schwartz '88 does Debbie on the Fringe
Creating theater from a porn film's dialogue
By David Marcus '92

Features Archives, Volume 01:

9/13/00 George W. vs. Al Gore
Assessing the candidates
9/13/00 A sense of where he is
Frederick Reiken '88 talks about his new book and the writing life
Censorship comes with the territory
C.P. Chou takes restrictions in stride
10/11/00 Student life 2000 and beyond
An interview with the vice president for campus life, Janet Dickerson.
10/25/00 Of Genetics, race, and evolution
What the director of Princeton's new institute for genomics has to say
11/8/00 Catching up with Rebecca Goldstein *77, the imp of metaphysics
11/8/00 Anti-modern age
11/22/00 Of animals and ethics
A conversation with Peter Singer, professor of bioethics
11/22/00 An A for effort?
Does David Kelley '79 make the grade for his new television show on FOX?
12/6/00 From one playwright to another
A tribute to Bill McCleery
12/6/00 Invading My Space
The new meaning of community
12/20/00 The "Spoiler" speaks out
Ralph Nader looks back at the election 2000

Louis Jacobson '92 interviewed Nader at his campaign headquarters
12/20/00 Juicy bits and literary lights
Little known facts about your favorite authors
1/24/01 The Sound of Math
Turning a mathematical theorem and proof into a musical
1/24/01 The Days of a Dean
A diary of student life in the 1950s by the man who knew it best
by Bill Lippincott '41
2/7/01 Creating character while commuting
Investment banker Akhil Sharma's first novel examines the world of a man who molested his daughter
By Lolly O'Brien
2/7/01 Kaleidoscopic Princeton
Student voices about the university in the year 2000
2/21/01 Keeping sites trouble-free
Mark Bailey '81 makes business-to-business easy
By Rob MacKay '89

Our mutual friend
How Princeton set John Bogle '51 on his financial course

On call 24-7
When he's not doctoring, Danny Grossi '93 is selling on the Internet


Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters
What I Learned in Ten Years as a Microsoft Programmer
By Adam Barr '88

Getting literary feet in the door
Dick Purdue '50's new Internet publishing venture seeks quality material out of the mainstream
By Rob MacKay '89


The laws of war and child soldiers
Professor Jeffrey Herbst, who specializes in sub-Sahara Africa, finds laws proliferate, enforcement lags, and paradoxes abound
By Fran Hulette

By Louis Jacobson '92


An instrument for fiction and fiction writers
Madison Smartt Bell '79, prolific author and professor, finds himself a literary mentor to his students
By Stephanie Shapiro

Wheelchairs welcome
Traveling to the Gaza Strip to fit disabled Palestinians
By Jeff Pojanowski '00


The culture and value of sports: a roundtable discussion

Here comes HanuKat
Now even the Jewish holidays have a playful icon
By Rob MacKay

Brian Widell '94 and Marc Chabot '97's software technology keeps freight moving
By Rob MacKay '89


Education reformer
Wendy Kopp '89 on her life and work
By Maria LoBiondo

From bad boyfriend to boisterous book
Jennifer Weiner '91 pens her first novel, Good in Bed
By Lou Jacobson '92


Virtual viewing
Buying art in the cyberage is easy, and the selection is great
By Rob Mackay '89

From Princeton to New York, the show goes on
A group of Princetonians found the Prospect Theater Company
By David Marcus '92

7/17/01 Jane Shumate Alison '83 discusses her first novel, The Love-Artist
By Andrea Gollin '88

August 5, 2001:
PU Summer Stock: Something's up over at Murray-Dodge
Princeton Summer Theatre is alive and well
By Regina Tan '00

August 5, 2001:
La Dolce Tour-a
Tom Rankin '83, a Romaphile, shows others the hidden and
not-so-hidden treasures of the Eternal City

By Lou Jacobson


Helping the turtle cross the road
Roger Wood '62 prowls New Jersey causeways looking for turtles who've lost the race against cars

By Jim Merritt '66


What's on in Berlin? Or how about Rome?
At www.Culturekiosque.com, Antonio Romero '87 brings cultural offerings to your screen
by Rob MacKay '89