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A letter from an alum about PU's green initiatives, incluing recycled paper

May 18, 2004

I want to applaud Princeton's new policy on recycled paper. On April 1 the University committed to using 100% recycled paper in all general office needs (including copiers, fax machines, and printers). This is a terrific first step toward making an environmental difference, and I am proud that Princeton is leading the way.

We should all take heed and try to get our own work places and schools to make a similar commitment. I know at my work a tremendous amount of paper — high quality, nonrecycled is used for document drafts, notes, messed up margins, and other junk. There is just no excuse for not using 100% recycled paper for these purposes. When we do, we significantly reduce pollution and damage to our environment that results from deforestation and bleaching paper.

Princeton's commitment is a great example; I hope that the alumni organizations can now follow suit. What about PAW? Wouldn't a new, ecofriendly, 100% recycled paper magazine be cool?

Or how about all those solicitation letters we get from Annual Giving, sports teams and eating clubs. I know I would feel a lot more "giving" if those letters came on 100% recycled paper. 

Nicole Heller '95
Department of Biological Sciences
Stanford University

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