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Commentaries and Critiques


‘Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government’, Symposium in The Political Economy of the Good Society, Vol 9, No 3, 2000, pp. 43-57. Contributors: Ian Carter, John Christman and Richard Dagger.

Xavier Vanmechelen, ed., Afhankelijkheid zonder dominantie. Over de sociale en politieke filosofie van Philip Pettit [Dependence without Domination. On Philip Pettit's Social and Political Philosophy], Leuven - Leusden, Acco, 2002. 204 p. ISBN 90-334-5079-8.
Contributors: Stefaan Cuypers, Barbara Haverhals, Stefan Rummens, Ronald Tinnevelt, Luc Van Liedekerke and Xavier Vanmechelen.

'Symposium on Explanations and Social Ontology', Economics and Philosophy, Vol 18, Issue 2, 2002. Symposium drawn from conference ‘Social Ontology after The Common Mind’, held in Erasmus University, Rotterdam, July 2000. Contributors: John Ferejohn, Uskala Mäki, Erik Weber and Jeroen Van Bouwel.

Michael Smith, H.G.Brennan, R.E.Goodin and F.C.Jackson, eds., Common Minds: Themes from the Philosophy of Philip Pettit, Oxford University Press, 2007. Contributors: Cynthia and Graham Macdonald, Peter Menzies, Susan Hurley and Alva Noe, Thomas Scanlon, Richard Holton, John Ferejohn, Jeremy Waldron, John Braithwaite, Nicola Lacey and Rae Langton. This also contains ‘Joining the Dots’, an extended overview by Philip Pettit of the work addressed in these papers, together with responses to some of the criticisms.

Popular Press

Republicanism in Spain: 'El maestro Pettit examina al alumno Zapatero', Tiempo, June 5, 2006, pp. 36-38.

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