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Professor Russel

William Bailey Russel

A.W. Marks ‘19 Professor
and Dean Graduate School

Princeton University
Princeton NJ 08544
Telephone: (609) 258-3035
Fax: (609) 258-6180
E-mail: wbrussel@princeton.edu

Birth Date and Place

November 17, 1945, Corpus Christi, Texas


wife Priscilla Griffiths Russel (married 1972)
children Daniel Stuart Russel (born 1977)
  Bailey Edward Russel (born 1979)


B.A. 1969 Rice University
M.ChE 1969 Rice University Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. 1973 Stanford University Chemical Engineering


1973-74 Cambridge University, NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, DAMPT
  Princeton University
1974- Department of Chemical Engineering
1974-79 Assistant Professor
1979-83 Associate Professor
1983- Professor
1987-96 Chairman
1992- A.W. Marks '19 Professor
1996-98 Princeton Materials Institute, Director
2002- Graduate School, Dean
1984 University of Wisconsin, Olaf A. Hougen Visiting Professor
1991 Bristol University, Unilever Visiting Professor, School of Chemistry
2001 Utrecht University, Debye (Visiting) Professor, Debye Insitute

Outside Professional Activities

Advisory Councils, Department of Chemical Engineering  
  University of Delaware 1987-2002
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1987-96
  University of Pennsylvania 1988-94
  Johns Hopkins University 1996-2003
  University of Michigan 2002-
  University of California, Santa Barbara 2004-
Council for Chemical Research, Governing Board 1993-95
  Biological & Physical Research Advisory Committee 2000-02
  Physical Sciences Advisory Subcommittee, Chair 2000-02
Council of Graduate Schools  
  Executive Committee 2004-05
  Chair-Elect 2006-07
Association of Graduate Schools Executive Committee 2005-

Professional Association/Society Memberships:

American Chemical Society - Division of Colloid and Surface Science  
Society of Rheology  
  Executive Committee 1993-95
  Vice President 1999-01
  President 2001-03
  Past President 2003-05
American Institute of Chemical Engineers  
  Awards Committee, member 1995-2000
  Awards Committee, chair 1997-2000
American Physical Society - Fluid Dynamics Division  
Materials Research Society  
National Academy of Engineering  
  Chemical Engineering Peer Committee 1995-97
  Chemical Engineering Candidate Search Committee, chair 2001-2003
  Founders and A.M. Bueche Awards Committee, member 2000-2002
  Founders and A.M. Bueche Awards Committee, chair 2001
  Membership Committee 2007-

Awards and Honors

1973-74 NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics, Cambridge
1992 William H. Walker Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
1992- National Academy of Engineering
1995- American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1999 Bingham Award, Society of Rheology
2007 Award for Surface and Colloid Chemistry, American Chemical Society

Distinguished Lectures

1992 W.N. Lacey Lectureship, California Institute of Technology
1992 D.M. Mason Lectureship, Stanford University
1996 Reilly Lectureship, Notre Dame University
1997 W.K. Lewis Lectureship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1998 J.J. Bikerman Lectureship, Case Western Reserve University
1998 Joe Smith Distinguished Lectureship, University of California at Davis
1999 Distinguished Research Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University
2000 Barrett Dodge Lecture, Yale University
2001 Debye Visiting Lecturer, Debye Institute, Utrecht University
2001 Berkeley Lectures, University of California Berkeley
2002 Langmuir Lecture, American Chemical Society, Boston
2004 Kelly Lecture, Purdue University
2005 Quinn Lecture, University of Pennsylvania
2006 BSL Lecture, University of Wisconsin
2007 Rohm and Haas Lecture, University of Massachusetts

Industrial Consultancies

1984-99 Rohm and Haas Research Laboratory, Spring House PA
1984-97 DuPont Marshall Laboratory, Philadelphia PA
1989 (August) W.R. Grace Washington Research Center, Laurel MD
1993-96, 1999-02 Institute Francais du Petrole, Paris FR
2002 Elan Pharmaceuticals
2003-04, 2006 Essilor, Inc.

Short Courses

Society of Rheology, Rheology and Micro-rheological Measurements of Associating Complex Fluids, Pittsburgh, October 2003 [2 days]

Society of Rheology: Dispersion Rheology, Hilton Head, February 2001 [2 days]

Creanova, Inc. Short Course on “Stability, Settling, and Rheology of Dispersions”, Piscataway NJ, 1999 [3 days]

Institute of Materials Science: Introduction to Emulsion Polymers/Polymer Colloids Chicago, 1999 lecturer [2 days]

Materials Science Summer Institute in “Complex Fluid Materials”, Georgian Court College, 1998 – co-director and lecturer [2 weeks]

Rheology Group Course on “Colloidal Dispersions”, University of Twente, 1990 – principal lecturer [4 days]

Stanford Industrial Affiliates Program on “Colloid and Interface Science”, Stanford University, 1989 – lecturer [1 week]

Technion Short Course on “Colloidal Dispersions”, Haifa, Israel, 1987 [2 days]

Ph.D. Graduates, M.S.E Graduates, and Post-doctoral Fellows