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This page contains information about Cadence software products used in Electrical Engineering Department at Princeton University.

The Department of Electrical Engineering

The usage of Cadence software products in student classes varies with the instructors. The class information is available from the department webpage.

Cadence design tools are primarily used in Computer-Aided Design research projects. The corresponding faculty research pages are available from the department webpage


Faculty and students involved in Computer-Aided Design research using cadence tools at Princeton University.


Verma Lab
Custom IC
Digital IC

Jha Lab
Custom IC

Sengupta Lab
Custom IC
Digital IC

Wentzlaff Lab
Custom IC
Digital IC

Lee Lab

Malik Lab


ELE 304 Electronic Circuits: Devices to IC
ELE 461 Design with Nanotechnologies
ELE 462 Design of Very Large Scale Integrated Systems
ELE 470 Smartphone Security and Architecture
ELE 475 Comupter Architecture
ELE 562 Design of Very Large-Scale Integrated (VLSI) Systems
ELE 580A Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering - RF and High-speed Circuits and Systems

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