Greg is a computer science major from Menlo Park, California. In his senior year of high school, he got class credit for spending an entire month making chocolate. He's still working on replicating that particular miracle at Princeton. When he's not delegating responsibilities (which is leadership-speak for telling other people to do things), he can be found smacking birdies on the badminton courts of Dillon Gym.


Junjun is a computer science major who's also interested in psychology and economics. She's from Ardmore, Oklahoma and she loves drawing, playing video games, learning to cook and bake, and watching TV (White Collar, Doctor Who, Sherlock). And, of course, making chocolate.


Sam Dercon '16 has really expanded his horizons by moving to Princeton University—from his house, which is across the street. When he's not playing up his Belgian ancestry, he can be found shooting targets with a BB gun and wishing Forbes was as close to campus as his house. As a keen chemistry major, Sam loves the fact that he can combine two of his passions—chemistry and food—in the ICS.


David is a junior computer science major from Memphis, Tennessee. When not grinding down chocolate beans, he can be found rock climbing, helping out as a COS lab TA, or trying to make his computer behave itself.



My name is Krysta Dummit. I'm a junior in Wilson College. My favorite way to eat chocolate is either chocolate-covered strawberries or a hand-picked box of chocolates from Sees. I love Australia. I am currently your Treasurer, so feel free to come chat with me (or email kdummit{at}princeton{dot}edu).


Ramie Fathy '16, professional chocolatier, enjoys both making and eating chocolate, as well as long walks on the beach. A native of Knoxville, Tennessee and a Molecular Biology major, Ramie has truly enhanced his Princeton experience as a member of the ICS. When he's not watching chocolate solidify, Ramie can be found DJ'ing at the local radio station, avoiding school work, or serving his peers as a member of the Princeton USG Academics and Social Committees.


Katherine Gao is a Civil Engineering major who absolutely loves loves loves anything chocolate! Apart from her devotion to chocolate and her hometown, the amazing city of San Francisco, she enjoys tutoring, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and going on adventures to local and far-off lands.


Akash is a sophomore Computer Science major, a die-hard Brit, and a shameless wannabe chocolate aficionado. He also loves playing squash, followed by Bent Spoon and the odd game of chess.


A native Californian at heart, Andrew has come to enjoy the charms of life upon the Eastern Seaboard. After majoring in Applied Physics at Yale University, he spent a year working as a Physicist for the Navy in the Mojave Desert (aka Nowhere, Middle Of). He's since learned the joys of returning to civilization and is pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

A recent conversion to the Michael Pollan fanclub has kindled an interest in cooking, baking and hopefully gardening, in addition to chocolate. The early seasons of The Simpsons and Arrested Development consistently provide levity into his life. He is terrified by the prospect of driving in the snow.


Kate, class of 2017, is from Medfield, Massachusetts, and enjoys physics, neuroscience, and, of course, anything chocolate. She can also be found playing soccer, running, or baking cupcakes.


Sean is a member of the class of 2017 and a chocolate enthusiast. When not wearing flip-flops and lamenting the pristine and monotonous weather of his hometown in California, he enjoys swimming, backpacking, camping, and most other mosquito-abundant activities. Sean is interested in studying physics, but also has interests in computer science and history.


Katie O'Malley '17 is an environmental engineering major from Philadelphia. When she's not doing endless problem sets or rowing on Lake Carnegie, she can be found eating (chocolate of course) or sleeping. Some of her other obsessions include the Philadelphia Eagles, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. She is really excited to join the group this year and make lots of chocolate!


Terry is a sophomore who lives in Bridgewater, NJ, although she originally hails from the smallest of the Pitcairn Islands, Oeno. When she's not eating chocolate or studying, she's probably practicing for her job as a counselor at the best damn harmonica camp in the contiguous U.S., or baking. She enjoys reading and writing fiction.


Lucia, better known as the "Chocolate Princess" is a new and enthusiastic member of the winnowing team, which is undoubtedly the sexiest of all the teams. When she's not skillfully stripping beans of their frustrating casings you can often find her strolling on Nassau Street near Qdoba, her second home, or attempting to tan on the golf course while dodging stray golf balls.


Publicity Officer

Nick is an electrical engineering major from Tewksbury, NJ. Our prophetic and ever-eloquent leader, Greg, got him interested in the chocolate making process, and it's been a match made in heaven ever since. In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing golf, watching hockey, playing video games, and finding new adjectives for our theobromically divine president, Greg Owen.


Caroline Snowden '17 is a new member of the Princeton ICS. When not studying or making chocolate with Princeton's premiere student organization, Caroline can sometimes be found running, singing in the shower, writing programs and jamming to T-Pain, or looking for new sources of free food. If she's not doing any of that, check the Mathey common room--she probably fell asleep there.


Mark Stone is a physics major from Austin, Texas. When not searching for the perfect chocolate recipe, he enjoys exploring nature, volunteering at the animal shelter, and long walks to the E-quad. He is always ready to accept a challenge of chubby bunny, Super Smash Bros, or any combination of the two.


Ming-Ming Tran '15 is a chemical and biological engineering major from a land far, far away known as Princeton Junction, NJ, who usually haunts the lower levels of Forbes College. In addition to inhaling fruit and junk food, she sings in the Glee Club, does the odd back handspring, and snowboards badly.



Brendan is interested in computer science and electrical engineering, and hails from Kelowna, British Columbia. In his spare time, he enjoys watching hockey, attempting to play it, and writing in the third person. Feel free to send him any questions, comments, or issues with the website at bmwtwo{at}princeton{dot}edu.


Daniel Yang is a prospective electrical engineering major from Frederick, Maryland. His favorite chocolate eating experiences include making s'mores with citrus-y chocolate and a slice of strawberry, eating chocolate out of a syringe, and eating chocolate-covered espresso beans (mmm... chocolate and caffeine....). Daniel also enjoys watching TV shows (How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory), being a foodie, and playing volleyball.


Miles, class of 2015, is a Chemistry student who apparently is also interested in the chemistry of tasty things (I mean, who doesn't love the flavor of 2-methylpropanal?). The chocolate club isn't the first time that Miles has had his hand at making sweet confectionaries: in Vermont, every springtime Miles and his family participate in the annual tradition of making maple syrup. As is his style, Miles is also involved in a plethora of other clubs on campus, serving as tech chair at Colonial Club and for the Katzenjammers, on the Tour Committee for the university orchestra, and a member of the rock climbing team.

Not featured above:

Carles, Gina, and Margot.
(They should really go ahead and submit their bios so that Brendan doesn't have to make decisions about whether to leave them out entirely or put them in an awkward footnote.)