rock climbing and images

Rock climbing is my passion!
Click here for some rock and climbing pictures, and a list of some of my favorite climbs.

You can also take a look at my main climbing partner Ric Otte's impressive climbing page, though that belongs to another order of magnitude in mountaineering, and a list of some philosophers who climb

I was also quite passionate about trapeze for more than ten years, (flying with the greatest of ease, etc -- not all of that applies in my case ...), after starting with the Trapeze Club of New Palz NY, and especially when I had the chance to take lessons at the circus schools in Oakland and San Francisco. But since 2012 I have pretty well let it go, in favor of gym climbing, to augment the rock experience.


I find enormously intriguing, though I don't have any of my own. But now some dogs, Charley and Leo, have entered my life as well
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