TOBACCO FREE KIDS publication (pdf) False Friends: The US Cigarette Companies' Betrayal of American Tobacco Farmers. Excellent report on the geographic shifts of tobacco growing from US to overseas. Some examples of fascinating graphs and charts:

  • Foreign Facilities of US Cigarette Companies
  • Percentage of US Tobacco Leaf in American-Made Cigarettes
  • US vs. Foreign Production of Flue-cured Tobacco

This website also has a list of reports equally informative. See: Illegal Pathways to Illegal Profits: The Big Cigarette Companies and International Smuggling
April 2001, which has a nice flow chart of cigarette smuggling (p.24)

Illegal Pathways to Illegal Profits: the Big Cigarette Companies and International Smuggling is an excellent pdf report on how cigarette companies are encouraging smuggling of their cigarettes. Excellent graphs on smuggling routes.

WORLD TRADE ANALYZER - Through purchase only. Database of commodities with country-to-country flows. Word file contains overview of files created by INA through this data-base:

ZIMBABWE TOBACCO ASSOCIATION - lists statistics 1990-current of flue-cured Virginia and Burley production, acreage, number of growers, $ of exports, etc.

TED (Trade and Environment Database) from American University. Case study on Zimbabwe Tobacco (ZIMTOBAC)

PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL provides a information on its international cigarette brands as well as research on the tobacco industry.

LEAGUE OF NATIONS archival material from 1919-46. Country-to-country exchange of tobacco under Review of World Trade, Balance of Payments and International Trade Statistics.

SOUTHERN LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE - has an online publication (pdf) Tobacco in Transition--an extensive and excellent report on the history (the globalization tracking), legal matters, auctioning, farming, and, in general, the US's changing position in tobacco production.

USDA/ERS Tobacco Statistics: download excel file: net-tables.xls (consult website) The periodic publication of Tobacco Outlook consistently shows graphs an charts of current tobacco stats.

US Tobacco Statistics 1935-1992 available through order (also found in many libraries) has tobacco stats and by state going back to 1935 in some cases. The data cover production, yield, price, value, consumption.
Also, the pdf publication Tobacco Situation and Outlook is an updated report on US tobacco. This report has excellent charts of US-to country imports/exports.

FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) See the online publication Tobacco: World Markets and Trade. FAS also has an online database of trade. Here one can select a SITC level of tobacco and find out where the US has exported it.
See files:

TOBACCO LAW & POLICY PROGRAM - has a link "cigarette brands" that shows the various cigarette brands worldwide. Quite interesting.


TOBACCO REPORTER - Through subscription only. See Maxwell Tobacco Fact Book, which compiles US import/export statistics from various sources. Of interest is the chart of the % companies in countries worldwide.

TOBACCO JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL - Through subscription only See "Statistics" on main page and the TJI Yearbook


ERS see the Cotton and Wool Outlook. Annual online data report on cotton. Charts include data as far back as 1960 of importers/exporters.

FAS Cotton: World Market and Trade an annual downloadable report on cotton statistics. Extensive graphs and charts on cotton production/importing/exporting. Check online database for US-to country exchange.

OTEXA (Office of Textiles and Apparel) Excellent source for US import/export of cotton-based clothing and articles. See the online data base called "Trade Data." Also available is extremely thorough data on US-based cotton products assembled in other countries. A CD-ROM is available (for a nominal fee) that contains just about all you need to know.

ICAC (international Cotton Advisory Committee) Extensive reports on cotton. Subscription required to access many documents, although some reports are free.

WTA World Trade Analyzer (see above) See files: