Workshop on Quantum Engineering with Electrons on Helium
Sponsored by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
May 21-22, 2010, Princeton University
Scientific Program
Room 216 Aaron Burr Hall
Friday, May 21, 2010
David Rees, RIKEN                                                          Transport Measurements of Electrons on Helium at a Point Constriction
Hiroki Ikegami, RIKEN                                                     Wigner Crystals Confined in Micrometer-wide Channels
Forrest Bradbury and Maika Takita, Princeton                   Efficient electron transport on helium with silicon IC's
Yuli Lyanda-Geller, Purdue                                                Rashba and other spin-orbit interactions
David Schuster, Yale and University of Chicago                 Cavity QED with electrons on helium
Toshikazu Arai, Kyoto University                                       Unexpected resonance line shape broadening of edge-magneto plasmons of 2DES on helium
               David Rees, RIKEN                                           Wigner Solid Transport through a Point Constriction
               Denis Konstantinov, RIKEN                               Quantum Oscillations in a Nondegenerate 2D Electron System on He
               Shyam Shankar, Princeton                                  A photoelectron source for electrons on liquid helium
               Maika Takita, Princeton                                      Efficient Electron Transport on Helium
               Forrest Bradbury, Princeton                                Electrons on Helium as Mobile Spin Qubits
Saturday, May 22, 2010
Denis Konstantinov, RIKEN                                             Photon-induced zero-resistance states in electrons on helium
Kimitoshi Kono, RIKEN                                                   Coulomb shift of the intersubband resonance and temperature bistability of electrons on He
Michael Lea, Royal Holloway                                            Temperature dependent Rydberg levels for electrons on liquid 4He
Luke Simkins, Royal Holloway                                         Thermal excitation of large charge offsets in a single-Cooper pair transistor
Mark Dykman, Michigan State                                          Ripplonic Lamb shift
Valeri Shikin, Institute of Solid State Physics                      Magnetic edge states in 2D conductors