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Martin F. Semmelhack
361 Frick Laboratory
Princeton, NJ 08544
Lab #: 303
Office: 609-258-5501
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Theses Prepared Under
Martin F. Semmelhack
Cornell (1972-1980)   Princeton (1982-present)
  1. R.J. DeFranco, Synthesis, Kinetic Acidity, and Thermal Rearrangements of Spiro[2.3]hex-1,4-dienes and Spiro[2.3]hex-4-enes," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1972.

  2. P.M. Helquist, "Applications of Zerovalent Nickel Complexes in Synthetic Organic Chemistry," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1973.

  3. George Heinsohn, "Reductive Cleavage of b-Haloethyl Protecting Groups by Chemical and Electrolytic Techniques," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1974.

  4. Thomas Rogerson, "I. Reactions of 2-Ethoxy-6,7-dihydro-5(H)-azepine. II. Methyl N-Phenylacetimidate - A New Alkylating Agent. III. Improved Total Synthesis of Cephalotaxine," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1974.

  5. Joseph S. Foos, "Synthesis and Reactivity of Spirononapolyenes," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1974.

  6. Laurine Ryono, "Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds Using Sigma-Bonded Organometallic Reagents," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1975.

  7. Thomas M. Bargar, "New Methods of Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation via Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1977.

  8. Glenn R. Clark, "Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Using Carbanions and Arenetricarbonyl-Chromium Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1977.

  9. Harold N. Weller, "Thermal Rearrangements of the Spiro[4.4]nona-polyenes," Ph.D. Thesis Cornell, 1978.

  10. Clyde S. Hutchins, "A Synthetic Approach to the Antileukemic Bisbenzocyclooctadiene Ligand Steganone," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1979.

  11. Susan D. Boettger, "Approach to the Synthesis of Fomannosin," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1979.

  12. John J. Bisaha, "Metalation and Cyclization of Arenetricarbonylchromium Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1980.

  13. Steven M. Bricker, "Nickel Promoted Synthesis of Sesquiterpene a-Methylene-g-lactones," Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell, 1980. Back to the Top

  14. J.L. Garcia, "Selectivity in the Addition of Nucleophiles to h6-(Arene)-chromium Tricarbonyl(O) Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1982.

  15. Arie Zask, "Synthesis of the Isochromanone Antibiotic Frenolicin via Arene-Chromium and Alkene-Palladium Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1982.

  16. James W. Herndon, "Coupling of Carbon Anions with (1,3-Diene)tri-carbonyliron(O) Complexes: Application to Organic Synthesis," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1983.

  17. Christina C. Bodurow, "Ring-forming Reactions with Palladium," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1984.

  18. Christopher R. Schmid, "Nitroxyl-Mediated Oxidation of Alcohols and Amines," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1985.

  19. Hanh T. M. Le, "Regio-Selectivity in Nucleophilic Addition to Diene-Iron Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1985.

  20. Wayne F. K. Schnatter, "Coupling of Iron(O) Carbene Complexes with Alkenes and Alkynes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1986.

  21. Nakcheol Jeong, "Carbene-Chromium Complexes in the Synthesis of Nogalarol," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1987.

  22. Ming Chang P. Yeh, "Coupling of (h1, h2-But-3-en-1-yl) Tricarbonyliron(0) and (h3-Allyl) Tricarbonyliron(0) Anion Complexes with Electrophiles," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1987.

  23. Edward J. Fewkes, Jr., "New Reactions and Applications of (h3-1,3-Diene) Tricarbonyliron(0) Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1987.

  24. Jaiwook Park, "Reactions of Carbene Iron(0) Complexes with Organic Multiple Bonds," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1988.

  25. Terry E. Singleton, "I. Iron-Arene Cations: Nucleophilic Addition, Oxidation, and Protonation Studies. II. Indole-Chromium Complexes: Studies toward Synthetic Applications," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1988.

  26. Jae Chan Park, "(h6Quinoline) and (h6Isoquinoline) Chromium(0) Complexes: Synthesis and Reactivity," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1988.

  27. Nan Zhang, "Approach to Total Synthesis of Granaticin; Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrahydrofurans and the Application to Synthesis of Tetronomycin," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1990.

  28. Andrew David Fortney, "Substitution of Chlorobutadiene Iron Complexes," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1990.

  29. Daniel Edward Ryan, "Synthetic Approaches Toward a Model for Long-Range Electron Transfer: Preparation of a Novel U-Shaped Spacer," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1991.

  30. Daniel H. Cohen, "I. The Metal Carbonyl Promoted Rearrangement of Arylcyclopropenes; II. Approaches Towards a Model System of Dynemicin A," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1992.

  31. Hakjune Rhee, "Indole Chromium Complexes: Synthesis of (-)-Indolactam V and Teleocidin A," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1992.

  32. Chung Ryeol Kim, "Controlled beta-Hydride Elimination During Tetrahydropyran Ring Formation wuith Palladium(II) and Its Application to the Total Synthesis of Tetronmycin," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1992.

  33. James J. Gallagher, "Enediyne Model Studies: Synthesis Methodology, and enol-to-Keto Actuating Mechanism, and enediyne-Netropsin 'conjujgates'," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1995.

  34. Yansong Gu, "1. Synthetic Studies on GTetronomycin A; 2. A new Framework for the Enediyne Toxins," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1995.

  35. Laura Tucker Bald, "1. Studies of Metal Catalyzed Aromatic Substitution. 2. Ring Forming Reactions of Palladium," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1995

  36. Yansong Gu, "1. Synthetic Studies on Tetronomycin A. 2. A New Framework for Enediyne Toxins." Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1995.

  37. Ulrich Andres Linderschmidt, "Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis," Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 1999.

  38. Richmond Sarpong, "A study of Enediyne Functional Analogs: Model Frameworks Based on Calicheamicin and Esperamicin." Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton, 2000.

  39. Yu Jiang, “Synthetic Study of C-1027-CHR.” Ph. D. Thesis, Princeton, 2002.

  40. Anatoliy Chlenov, “Arene Exchange Accelerated by a Pendant Ligand.” PhD Thesis, Princeton University, 2003.

  41. Richard J. Hooley, “Palladium-Catalyzed Reactions and Their Application to the Toptal Synthesis of Plakortone B and analogs.” PhD Thesis, Princeton University, 2004.

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