Signing Up for OA Trips

The OA TripStore is the online signup site for all OA Actitivies.

The TripStore will let you browse all of the upcoming Outdoor Action trips, courses, community service activities, and leader training programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your dorm, office, or a campus cluster. Through the TripStore you can sign up for any of these activities and bill it to your University account.

TripStore Instructions

  1. Login to the TripStore using your NetID and Password. The TripStore confirms your identity with the University LDAP server and saves your name and ID as a session cookie to record your signup information. No cookies are stored on your hard disk.

  2. Search for trips and press the Add to Cart button to add a trip. At any time you can press the TripCart button to see what trips you have selected.

  3. When you have finished selecting the trips you want to sign up for press the Checkout button. You can make any changes to your list of trips at this point (either delete a trip or go back to Searching the Store to add another trip). When you are ready to complete your sign up Press the Submit Order button.

  4. You will go to the Billing page where you can identify the type of billing. Currently the only option for undergraduate and graduate students is to have the trip billed directly to your student account. Faculty and staff should mail a check along with a copy of the Order Confirmation page. Press the Complete Order button and you'll go to the Order Confirmation Page where you will see the trips you have signed up for. You can print out this page for your records. You'll also receive an email confirming your trip signup status.

TripStore Policies

  • Many Outdoor Action activities have space limitations so all sign-ups are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You must first Log-in to the Site. This verifies your identity as a member of Princeton University.
  • You must be using a 5.0 or higher browser with Javascript and Cookies enabled. In-memory Cookies are used only to maintain the state of your shopping cart while you are signing up for trips. No cookies are written to your hard disk.
  • You are only permitted to sign yourself up for OA activities.
  • You may make cancel your participation in any OA activity at any time. This is helpful for us to be able to take people off the waiting list for activities. Trips often have a cancellation deadline. If you cancel after the deadline you may be charged a fee for the trip. Please read the Cancellation/Wait List Policies throughly.
  • You can find out more about the OA TripStore by pressing the Help button.
  • By logging into the OA TripStore you agree to abide by all stated policies.
  • For questions or suggestions contact the OA Office (


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