Federally Funded Research: Decisions for a Decade

NTIS order #PB91-198101

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Full Report ~7710K
Front Matter ~47K
Table of Contents ~4K

1: Summary and Issues for Congress ~1383K
2: The Value of Science and the Changing Research Economy ~567K
3: The Federal Research System: The Executive and Legislative Branches ~835K
4: The Federal Research System: The Research Agencies ~1003K
5: Priority Setting in Science ~832K
6: Understanding Research Expenditures ~945K
7: Human Resources for the Research Work Force ~897K
8: Data on the Federal Research System ~776K

A: Major Legislation Enacted Since 1975 Affecting U.S. Research and Development ~14K
B: The Top 100 Institutions Ranked by Amount of Federal R&D Funding Received: Fiscal Year 1989 ~15K
C: Funding Allocation in Six Federal Research Agencies ~68K
D: Academic and Basic Research Decisionmaking in Other Countries ~218K
E: Top 100 U.S. Academic Institutions Ranked by Citation Impact, 1981-88 ~14K
F: Contractor Reports ~4K
G: Workshop Participants and Reviewers and Contributors ~16K
H: References ~149K
Index ~100K