Electronic Record Systems and Individual Privacy

NTIS order #PB87-100335

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Full Report ~1396K
Front Matter ~34K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Summary ~35K
2: Electronic Record Systems and the Privacy Act: An Introduction ~237K
3: Computer Matching To Detect Fraud, Waste, and Abuse ~238K
4: Computer-Assisted Front-End Verification ~404K
5: Computer Profiling ~84K
6: Policy Implications ~218K

A: Update on Computerized Criminal History Record Systems ~123K
B: OTA Federal Agency Data Request ~50K
C: List of Contractor Reports ~9K
D: Other Reviewers and Contributors ~7K
E: Summary of Final Rules fro Income and Eligibility Verification... ~27K
F: Privacy and Data Protection Policy in Selected Foreign Countries ~58K