Technologies for Prehistoric and Historic Preservation

NTIS order #PB87-140166

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Full Report ~4749K
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Table of Contents ~254K

1: Summary ~1156K
2: Background ~131K
3: Research ~842K
4: Restoration, Conservation, Maintenance, and Protection ~442K
5: Preservation Information ~569K
6: Public Education ~830K
7: Technology and Preservation Policy ~248K

A: Cultural Resources Management Laws and Regulations ~33K
B: Documentation and Conservation of Rock Art ~103K
C: Registration and Private Ownership of Archaeological Objects ~29K
D: National Register Criteria From the Introduction to: "HOW To Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation" ~9K
E: National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form ~27K
F: U.S. National Park Service Cultural Programs ~36K
G: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ~5K
Index ~115K