Web Exclusives: From the P-Nut Gallery
a column by Nate Sellwyn nsellyn@princeton.edu

May 12, 2004:

Princeton senior eyes big money at the World Series of Poker

P-nut Gallery Archives, Volume 04:

April 21, 2004:


Going out on top
One last shot at intramural glory

April 7, 2004:


Knowing when to fold ’em
P-Nut’s take on college gambling
March 24, 2004:

P-Nut’s Basketball Diary
Thursday, March 18, 2004

March 10, 2004:


Let the madness begin
The P-Nut weighs in on hoops stars and Harrick Jr.

February 25, 2004:

The Big Bounce
The P-Nut examines some Tigers' need for new jungles

February 11, 2004:

Looking forward at men’s lax
Senior John Robinson talks about this year’s Tigers

January 28, 2004: P-Nut's Winter Prediction Column
Princeton will be titletown in 2004
December 17, 2003:

Canadian Ice Dream
The year's first snowfall evokes memories of hockey

November 19, 2003:

P-Nut waves the polo pennant

November 5, 2003:
Forecasting a fall filled with champions
Field hockey, men's water polo, and women's soccer are the best bets

October 22, 2003:


How bad is Princeton Football?
Like Detroit, the Tigers have a chance to rebound

October 8, 2003:

The Magical Fairyland of Princeton Sports

September 10, 2003 P-Nut's Predictions
From World Series to senior plans

P-nut Gallery Archives, Volume 03:

July 2, 2003: A gallery of top performers
The P-Nut selects his athletes of the year as only he can.
June 4, 2003:
A gallery of top performers
The P-Nut selects his athletes of the year as only he can.
May 14, 2003:
Hartofilis '03 v. Rumsfeld '54
A run-in with a picture frame sets up Tigers to lose Dartmouth game

April 23, 2003:


Women's water polo Final Four within reach
What are the team's chances?

April 9, 2003:


Scandal-ball reaches Tigertown?
March Madness takes on a whole new meaning


March 26, 2003:

From the P-Nut gallery to the pros!
The N.B.A. has a new international star waiting in the wings


March 12, 2003:

The seven-week rule
More student views

February 26, 2003: P-nut Gallery 2/26P-Nuts to the seven-week rule
Why don't tuba players get a moratorium?
February 12, 2003:

Can women's lacrosse repeat as national champions?
Women's lax's Hannah Foster '03 talks about polls, teammates, and women's sports
January 29, 2003:

The Big Bigot?
Racism rears its head on basketball court once again

December 18, 2002:

Easy on the miracles

December 4, 2002:

Talking tennis with a, well, wannabe
What it's like not to play but to captain

November 20, 2002:


Down and out on the playing field
One student-athlete has to sit out until the grades improve

November 6, 2002:

Playing the field
Club sports at PU run the gamut from horses to hoops

October 23, 2002:


Jock talk
John Ference '04 muses on crew

October 9 , 2002:

Again, playing in PAW's corner:
Nate Sellyn vs. Every Major Sport, Part 2

September 11 , 2002:

And now playing in PAW's corner:
Nate Sellyn vs. Every Major Sport