Activities Fair 2016

Friday, Sept. 16, 12-3pm. Dillon Main Floor
Come check out our booth, sign up for our listserv, and learn more about ballroom and the dance team!

Open House 2016

Friday, Sept. 16, 5-6pm. Dillon MPR
Come see showcases from the ballroom team, meet new people, and learn some dances yourself!

Dance Camp 2016

Friday, Sept. 23, 3-5pm
Saturday, Sept. 24, 4-6pm
Sunday, Sept. 25, 3-5pm

Location: Dillon MPR

What to Wear:
Bring socks! A lot of regular shoes are hard to dance in because they stick, and dancing barefoot isn't much fun either, so bring socks just in case your shoes aren't working for you. If you do have some sort of dance shoe, you're also more than welcome to dance in those.
Wear something similar to what you might work out in. Ballroom is actually really good exercise, which means you can expect to get a bit hot and sweaty, especially on Friday with the Latin dances. We recommend a loose-fitting shirt and shorts (even just to change in and out of if the day is cold).

Admission is $15 for the entire weekend, but if you decide to join the team, Dance Camp is FREE--we'll put your $15 towards your first semester dues.