The Global Seminar in China

“Diversity of China: History, Culture, and Globalization” will be taught in Shanghai, China, at Fudan University, and in Xi’an, China, at Northwest University, from June 20 to July 31, 2010. Led by Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies Ping Wang and Professor Chunling Li of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the seminar will introduce students to the rich traditions and culture of China, as well as its politics, economy, philosophy, and religion.

While China, a large country with a long history and a huge population, often conjures images of monolithicism, this impression could not be further from the truth. Twenty-first-century China is diverse and dynamic in both historical and contemporary terms and is emerging as a powerful global agent. The seminar reflects on the theme of diversity by focusing on contemporary and historical flows of people, images, ideas, and material goods in the vast area that we call China. Many of these subjects will be discussed in classes taught by the faculty and guests, while others will be explored on weekly excursions to some of the most fascinating sites in Shanghai, Xi’an, and environs.

The seminar begins in Shanghai, where students will spend three weeks and focus on societal and economic issues. It then moves to Xi’an, where students will explore cultural, religious, and philosophical trends. Classes are held four days a week, with mornings devoted to lectures and discussions with faculty and guest speakers. The afternoon program includes daily Chinese language study, a community service component, and occasional enrichment programs in calligraphy, folk arts, and Chinese cooking, among others. 

Internships in China following the seminar are also available. For information, please visit the Web site of the International Internship Program.

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This course fulfills the Social Analysis (SA) general requirement. Check back to view the syllabus.