Prateek Mittal

      Assistant Professor
      Department of Electrical Engineering
      Affiliate Faculty, Center for Information Technology Policy
      Princeton University


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Graduate Research Openings

There are multiple openings for graduate students in my group. I encourage prospective students with an interest in security and privacy to apply to the EE graduate program at Princeton. If you have already been admitted to Princeton, please send me a mail and I'd be happy to chat further.

Undergraduate Research Openings

I have openings for Princeton undergraduates to participate in research projects and gain experience. Please send me a mail, and we can discuss further. (Note that I expect undergraduate researchers to be self motivated and treat research as a commitment similar to taking a class.)

Postdoctoral Research Openings

The Department of Electrical Engineering has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher working with me and Prof. Mung Chiang. We are interested in researchers with strengths in security and privacy, communication networks, distributed systems, and social networks. We are particularly interested in researchers who are interested in "bridging the gap" between theory and practice by exploring fundamental underpinnings to build real systems with strong properties.