Prateek Mittal

      Assistant Professor
      Department of Electrical Engineering
      Affiliate Faculty, Center for Information Technology Policy
      Princeton University


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Research Interests

I am interested in building secure and privacy preserving systems. My current interests include the domains of privacy enhancing technologies, trustworthy social systems, and Internet/network security. My research draws on techniques from computer networks & distributed systems, large scale machine learning, complex networks/network science, and applied cryptography. Please see my publications page for more details.


Designing Secure Systems --- ELE 476, Fall 2014.
Communication Security and Privacy --- ELE 574, Spring 2014.

Select Projects

Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Papers: [CCS 2007] [CCS 2008] [CCS 2009] [CCS 2010] [CCS 2011] [USENIX 2011] [TISSEC 2012]
  • We proposed the design of next generation anonymity systems that scale to tens of millions of users, and also found several vulnerabilities in anonymity systems. Our work has influenced the design and threat model of deployed systems such as Tor and I2P.
Trustworthy Social Systems
  • Papers: [NDSS 2009] [NDSS 2012] [IMC 2012] [CoNEXT 2012] [NDSS 2013] [NDSS 2013]
  • We proposed solutions to security and privacy issues in online social networks (OSNs), such as detecting malicious (Sybil) accounts in OSNs and privacy preserving OSN architectures. In recent work, we detected real world Sybil attacks in the Twitter network, and performed the largest measurement study of the Google+ network.
  • Press: New Scientist, MIT Technology Review
Internet/Network/Web Security
  • Papers: [HotNets 2009] [USENIX 2010] [CoRR 2012] [STC 2012]
  • We proposed defenses against botnets, denial of service attacks, and Sybil attacks. Our work demonstrates the use of large scale machine learning techniques to analyze complex network structures for attack isolation. We applied our techniques to Internet networks, social networks, and even biological gene networks.
  • Press: Computing Now, Network World

Professional Activities

Program co-chair, Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies HotPETs 2014.
Program committee member, Network and Distributed System Security Symposium NDSS 2015.
Program committee member, Conference on Computer and Communications Security CCS 2014.
Program committee member, Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society WPES 2014.
Program committee member, Conference on Online Social Networks COSN 2014.
Program committee member, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium PETS 2014.
Program committee member, International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media ICWSM 2014.
Program committee member, Network and Distributed System Security Symposium NDSS 2014.
Program committee member, International World Wide Web Conference WWW 2014.