Security and Privacy
ELE 574

Instructor: Prateek Mittal
Lecture Times: Tuesday and Thursday (11am - 12:20pm)
Office hours: By appointment only
Contact: pmittal AT princeton DOT edu


A key component of this course is to undertake a novel research project in security and privacy. Projects can be done either individually or in teams of 2, and correspond to 60% of the course grade. We expect that the quality of the research project would be similar to a conference or a workshop paper. Here are the relevant deadlines for the project:
  • Form Project Teams by September 20 (No more than 2 students per group. Individual projects are fine too.)
  • Project idea due by October 1 (One page summary describing motivation and key ideas/proposed contributions)
  • Related work report due:
  • Mid-term project report due:
  • Final project report due:
You may find it useful to look at the papers in the reading list for ideas for research project. Security and privacy research lends itself well to interdisciplinary projects, so feel free to leverage skills, techniques, and platforms from your previous academic experience to attack security and privacy problems. Here are some important conferences in security and privacy that may be a good source of ideas: I'm also happy to suggest some project ideas, feel free to discuss with me.