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about prism literary magazine focusing on issues of diversity and international concern

Who We Are

Prism Magazine is Princeton University’s only literary magazine with a thematic focus on diversity, difference, and international affairs.

Prism Advisory Board

Janet Dickerson (jdickers@princeton.edu) - Vice President of Campus Life
Makeba Clay (mclay@princeton.edu) - Carl A. Fields Center, Director
Paula Chow (pchow@princeton.edu) - International Center, Director
Rachel Baldwin (rbaldwin@princeton.edu) - Asstistant Dean, ODUS
Maria Flores-Mills (mflores@princeton.edu) - Associate Dean, ODUS
Paul Raushenbush (praushen@princeton.edu) - Associate Dean of Religious Life
Kathleen Crown (kcrown@princeton.edu) - Mathey College, Director of Studies
Pat Caddeau (caddeau@princeton.edu) - Forbes College, Director of Studies
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly (mpfk@princeton.edu) - Sociology Department, Senior Lecturer
Daphne Brooks (brooksd@princeton.edu) - English/African American Studies Departments
Bruno Bosacchi (bosacchi@earthlink.net) - Engineering Research Staff

Fall 2010 Editors’ Letter:

Dear Readers,

This issue’s initial goal was to capture the momentum of your summer adventures, reflections, and travels, but we ended up with much more than that. Out of a veritable treasure trove of submissions, we’ve chosen only the most unique artifacts of true cultural exploration for your consumption. We hope you enjoy the poetry, pictures, and essays that reflect (and refract) Princeton’s diverse culture.

That said, we wouldn’t be here without you, and we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have continued to follow Prism Magazine in all of its varied manifestations.

One of those new manifestations is debuting in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. This is Prism’s first issue featuring music from campus artists. Select tracks will be available to you online at our website: www.princeton.edu/~prism. We hope you take the time to listen to a couple songs while working on the next great American novel, slaving over your Thesis, or composing a submission for next semester’s issue.

We are evolving, and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Feedback from readers, contributors, and editors has crystallized in this issue, the first of a series of themed reviews. Prism Magazine is turning over a new leaf and we hope that you elect to turn it over with us (and the leaves right in front of you, too).

Enjoy our Culture and Travel issue and get in touch with us at prism@princeton.edu if you’re interested in editing, submitting, or getting involved in other ways. We’d love to have you.

Warmest Regards,
Katherine J. Chen ’12
Shannon Togawa Mercer ’11


Giorgio DiMauro, associate director of the Office of International Programs at Princeton University, for contributing the winning entries from the International Photo Contest and giving us permission to reprint the photos.

Elizabeth Landau, the founder of Prism, who continues to offer her support for the magazine.

Saskia Miller and Stephanie Ursula Hodges, co-founders of PenTales, who passed along two wonderful stories without which this issue of Prism would not be the same.


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