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‘Bombay Confidential’ witty, absurd

A house is not a home without the people, just as a play is not a performance without an audience. Princeton South Asian Theatrics’ “Bombay Confidential” offers something that the tease of a TV series “Lost” could never provide: a decent explanation of the ending and an entertaining show worth thinking about.

PSAT's new show covers everything from Shakespeare to Ke$ha

The Bard meets the Indian subcontinent meets a parody of the Princeton theater scene in “Shakespeare's Ramesh and Juhi,” the latest original production from Princeton South Asian Theatrics. Strange bedfellows indeed, but in the hands of PSAT, the eclectic combination proves to be a rousing success.

PSAT presents “Honey, I Time Traveled the Kids”

The show, which appeals to the liberal, conservative and even Rebecca Black in you, is sure to be a great time. Be sure to check it out!

PSAT Presents: Kiss Me Again, Kavita

Tonight, Friday and Saturday, the Forbes Blackbox is hosting the charming, ethnic comedy of the Princeton South Asian Theatrics - or PSAT for short.

The Beginning

“Dad, I want to major in drama.” “Drama?! What kind of major is drama? What kind of med school can you get into majoring in drama?”