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Friends of PUP

Friends of PUP was founded in 1996 to support the undergraduate group and to create a network for those who all shared the common experience of musical theatre, fun, and hard work as part of PUP during their time at Princeton. Having recently celebrated the 25th Anniversary of PUP, we are so proud of what we all have accomplished together in such a short time.

Each year, Friends of PUP fulfills its mission of connecting undergrads and alumni through exciting networking and social events, including an annual Reunions get-together. We have also grown the PUP Archives, now permanently installed in Mudd Library, and our activities continue to grow as we support the undergraduate theatre troupe.

Thank you to all of our "Friends" for their continued generosity and support, and we look forward to another exciting year ahead!

Join Us

There are many ways to be involved with Friends of PUP. To join our mailing list, please email If you would like to join our Auxiliary Committee and become a leader in our group, please contact President Lindsay Tasher '00, also at

Support Us

We are so grateful to all of our Friends of PUP donors whose generous contributions have allowed us to grow and support PUP. These gifts make it possible to host events, including an annual Reunions event to bring alumni and undergrads together, provide financial support to the undergraduates, and grow our resources to make meaningful contributions to Princeton and PUP.

Friends of PUP can accept gifts throughout the year, and we appreciate your consideration in supporting our organization. Gifts of all sizes can truly make an impact, and we thank all of our donors to date!

Make a Gift

Please make checks out to: The Trustees of Princeton University
Memo Line: Friends of PUP - Allocation #SA0035
Mail to: Princeton University, Alumni and Donor Records
PO Box 5357
Princeton, NJ, 08543-5357

For Donors

In recognition of your gift, all donations over $25 will be listed in each of PUP's playbills this season.

Gifts will go directly to Princeton's Office of Development for processing. If you donate, please also email Molly O'Neill (PUP Vice President) at alerting us to your decision to donate and the amount of the donation. This will allow us to recognize your gift immediately and to ensure that the University processes your donation properly - if you'd like to remain anonymous, please let us know.

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