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Classes are at the New Graduate College Common Room. The location is indicated by a red dot in the following maps. Click on the maps to open a full resolution version.

The parking lot entrance is via Springdale Rd, Princeton NJ, and will be on your left here:


The easiest way to get to the New Graduate College Common Room is to take College Rd from Alexander St.
After about 1000 ft, the road splits; take the right road there.
Continue about 800 ft more and College Rd ends in Springdale Rd.
Take a left turn in Springdale Road.
In about 200 ft, there is a small road to the left.
Take this path and which ends in the parking lot in front of the New Graduate College Common Room, where we have the classes.

In case of this parking lot being full, there is a second bigger one located 500 ft south.
To get there, simply return to Sprindale Road, take a left turn on it, drive for about 500 ft, and its entrance should be on the left.

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