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Lead Instructor

Pierina is an second year MPA student in the Woodrow Wilson School studying domestic policy.

Pierina's formal latin dance training began at the Santo Rico dance school in 2003. She started as a beginner and was invited to join the semi-professional and professional dance companies in 2004 and 2005 respectively. At Santo Rico, Pierina served as captain of the semi-professional company, principal dancer in the professional company, and instructor of both beginner and advanced
styling and spinning technique.

In 2008, Pierina co-founded the Boston based Leña Dance Company, where she served as artistic director until 2010. Pierina has performed in salsa venues including: Madison Square Garden, West Coast International Salsa Congress, New York International Salsa Congress, the NY/NJ Salsa Congress, Philadelphia Salsa Congress, Washington DC Capital Congress, and the Atlanta Flava Invasion. Pierina is Dominican-American and grew up in the Bronx, NY.

For information about private or group lessons contact pierina at princeton dot edu

Sergio Sotovando was born and raised in Guatemala. He grew up listening to salsa music, which is how he became interested in salsa dancing, and has now been dancing for more than 10 years. He has trained with some of the top salsa instructors in NYC and performed in the central Jersey area. Recently, he has been training students for salsa congresses and festivals. He is very active on the social dancing scene in NY where he goes several times a week.

As a child, he was very active in sports, trained in boxing and Karate, and has emphasized the importance of staying active and healthy throughout his life. Salsa has been one of the ways he keeps up with his exercise regime.

Sergio says: "I am very excited to be teaching at Princeton University and I can't wait to meet my new students."

Former instructors



Gonzalo Aniano taught with the Princeton Salsa Club from 2007 to 2012 and is now living in Paris, France.

Liza Steele founded the Princeton Salsa Club in 2006 and taught until 2012.
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