Ph.D. and Post-doc Positions
We have several positions open for Ph.D. students and Post-docs
who are interested in

1. New architectures for RF, mm-Wave and THz systems and New Active Methods for enabling Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Interfaces and Antennas: We are interested in new mathematical formalizations and architectures to reconfigurability in RF-THz and antenna systems. These involve theoretical investigation of multi-port networks for RF systems and innovative architectures for sub-wavelength electromagnetics for radiating surfaces.

2. Bio-molecular Interfaces, Single cell/molecule and Massively Multiplexed Optical-based Assays for Diagnostics: We are interested in the ultimate miniaturization of complex bio-sensing systems that can open up completely new modalities of sensing enabling new discoveries and research in biology though massive scaling in the number of sensing sites, modes, and analyte. Expectedly, this is a multi-disciplinary effort which involves investigation and design of complex electronic systems-on-chip, nano-optics, microfluidics, light guiding, surface chemistry, understanding protein dynamics and packaging.

Interested Post-docs are advised to contact Prof. Sengupta directly.

Integrated Micro-systems Reseach Lab
Office: B 216, Equad Princeton University.
Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
Kaushik Sengupta: (609) 258-5250, Fax: (609) 258-3745,
Email: kaushiks at princeton dot edu
Labs: B 217/219.