Princeton University China Energy Group

Princeton University China Energy Group (CEG) is a student-operated research-focused organization based at Princeton University. CEG’s ultimate objective is to help educate its members to be the future leaders and thinkers on China’s energy and environmental issues.

To achieve this objective, CEG focuses on two types of activities:

  • Energy situation of China. CEG encourages the sharing of ideas and perspectives on China’s energy situation through member perspectives posted on the CEG website, the hosting of guest speakers, etc.

  • Energy implications of members’ research. CEG provides a platform for its members to discuss their own research’s energy implications by organizing seminars, lab tours, the sharing of pertinent information via its website, etc.

The operation of CEG has three key features:

  • Student-operated. CEG is run by its board members, who are all current students at Princeton University. CEG gives a lot of freedom to its board members to run the organization and its success depends on their motivation. Every motivated member can apply to be a board member during elections.

  • Research-focused. The academic research of CEG members constitutes the foundation of the organization. Members are expected to draw on their research experience and findings to contribute to the group’s understanding of both China’s energy situation and the energy implications of other members research.

  • Open-minded. CEG welcomes students of all nationalities working in various disciplines, faculty members and researchers, as well as Princeton alumni and visiting scholars to join our group. We encourage a diversity of opinions and hope to generate a thriving community as the group grows.

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