Things to know about membership

1. Member application procedure

Every Princetonian is welcome to join the group. Here Princetonians include everyone with a valid PUID and alumni. We encourage the applicants to contact us to understand more about the group. In order to be a new CEG member, one need to:

  • Get nominated by at least one current board member;
  • Compile the CEG member card and send it to;
  • Win more than 50% current board member votes. 
(See the profiles of current CEG member here.)

2. Board member application

Board members form a committee, which makes the final decisions for China Energy Group. Board members include the president and the vice presidents of the group. One of the vice president (Executive VP) will also hold the position of “treasurer” for China Energy Group.
The CEG board members are renewed every half a year through a board meeting. CEG Members can apply to be a new board member. Specifically, one need to:

3. Member benefits

Being a CEG member, you will be able to learn together with the highly self-motivated CEG community. Also, you will be able to:

  • Join CEG events;
  • Get connections with CEG members/guests;
  • Access to CEG resources;
  • Share CEG reputation.

The board members can also organize group activities, manage group resources, and make decisions for CEG through board meetings.

4. Member Requirement

Every year, a CEG member is expected to contribute at least one of the following:

  • One original perspective article, to appear on CEG website;
  • One presentation within the CEG group;
  • Two articles shared from other resources, to appear on CEG website;
  • Invite one guest to provide a presentation, or an original perspective article;
  • Other equivalent contributions approved by CEG board members.

The CEG members are encouraged to discuss their potential contributions within the group. All contributions from CEG members will be documented and reviewed on the board meeting every half a year.

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