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Princeton-PKU Student/Young Scientist Workshop on Air Pollution and Climate

05/05/2015 Wenkai Liang
May 9th, 2015
Location: E-Quad E219, Princeton University
Sponsored by Prof. Tong Zhu, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University (PKU)
Organized by Princeton University China Energy Group

Dinner discussion with Prof Li Zheng
04/23/15 by Wenkai Liang
April 14th, Prof. Li Zheng, Dean of the Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University joined us for a dinner discussion on China's CO2 emission peak. Check this out!


Lunch discussion - 11 on Large-scale energy storage
03/20/15 by Wenkai Liang
March 19th, Bo Guo led a discussion on "Large-scale energy storage", check this out!


Group discussion - 1 on "Under the Dome"
03/12/1 by Ruoming Peng
March 9th, Xinwo Huang led a discussion on "Chai Jing's review: under the dome - investigating China's smog", check this out!


New member joined PUCEG! Let's welcome!!
03/12/15 by Ruoming Peng
Qi Li and Liqing Peng from Civil and Environmental Engineering joined PUCEG, let's welcome!


New member joined PUCEG! Let's welcome!!
01/15/15 by Ruoming Peng
Hao Zheng from department of Physics joined PUCEG, let's welcome!


Upcoming! Panel Discussion on Nov.24th. Save the Date!
11/20/14 by Ruoming Peng
We are organizing a panel discussion on "energy technology diffusion in the context of climate change" next Monday (Nov 24th) 3:30-5pm at Robertson Hall Bowl 1. 


PUCEG Lunch Discussion Led by Yue Qin from Woodrow Wilson School on Shale Gas in China
10/22/14 by Ruoming Peng
On Oct.22nd, Yue Qin, PUCEG member from Woodrow Wilson School led a lunch discussion in Equad.


PUCEG seminar by Professor Jianchun Guo from Southwest Petroleum University, China.
09/16/14 by Ruoming Peng
On Aug 18th, Professor Jianchun Guo from Southwest Petroleum University, China gave a seminar about shale gas development in China to PUCEG members.


Mr. Shengyi Qin, CEO of Rechsand Science and Technology Corp., visited PUCEG !
09/16/14 by Ruoming Peng
On Aug 8th, Mr. Qin Shengyi, CEO of Rechsand Science & Technology Corp., visited Princeton. He met with CEG members and gave a talk.


Two new members joined PUCEG! Let's welcome!!
05/14/14 by Ruoming Peng
Two new member joined PUCEG family! They are Chang Liu, from Princeton Plasma Physics. Yue Qin, from Woodrow Wilson School, STEP program. Let's welcome them!


PUCEG Student Seminar 2
04/03/14 by Ruoming Peng
Following the Panel Discussion, another exciting CEG event took place on March 26th evening – 2nd CEG Student Seminar. A special group of speaker, who are all relatively new members and visiting scholars shared their research insights with CEG.


PUCEG Lunch Discssion Series 9
3/30/14 by Ruoming Peng
Carole Dalin, a fifth year Ph. D student from Civil and Environmental Engineering, led a lunch discussion on China's virtual water trade on Tuesday.


The first Panel Discussion had a great success!
3/17/14 by Hang Deng
On March 14th, PUCEG organized a panel discussion entitled “Tackling China's air pollution - Is it driving us to a clean energy future?” Professor Tong Zhu, Prof. Denise Mauzerall, Prof. Avi Ebenstein, and Dr. Bob Williams - leading experts on air pollution/energy systems - joined us for the discussion. The panelists commented on the impacts of air pollution on human health and agriculture, challenges that air pollution poses to researchers and policy makers, and the potential of substitute natural gas (SNG) in reducing pollutant emission. The panelists and the audiences also discussed on various aspects of the problem of air pollution, such as the extent and severity of air pollution, and how to proceed cautiously in solving the problem.


Two new members joined PUCEG
3/6/14 by Bo Guo
Baoguo Wu and Jiaying Pan, visiting students in the department of Chemistry and Mecanical & Aerospace Engineering, joined PUCEG. Let's give a warm welcome to our new members!
Board member Yuan Hu elected as new PUCEG co-president
2/13/14 by Bo Guo
Since our previous co-president Bin Guo left for an internship this year, the board elected Yuan Hu as the new co-president. Let's welcome our new co-president Yuan!
Five new members have joined PUCEG!
12/10/13 by Peng Zhao
Five new members have joined PUCEG family, they are An Dai and Eric Mills from Electrical Engineering, Yanhua Yuan from Geoscience, Jiabao Li from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Evan Leister from Civil and Environmental Engineering. Let's welcome our new members!
A successful Kick-off for the 2013-2014 PUCEG lunch seminars series
11/16/13 by Xinwo Huang
CEG member Phillip Hannam from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs led a lunch discussion on China’s coal power sector on 8 November. It was the first lunch seminar after the new board members were elected.
Successful Kick-off event of 2013 PUCEG – Student Seminar No.1
10/20/13 by Yuan Hu
The first CEG 2013 seminar has taken place on 16th Oct., the main focus is renewable engergy. Our board member Zhong Zheng, Hao Chen and Wei Peng each did an interesting presentation.
CEG Has Elected Her New Board Members for 2013-2014 Year
10/01/13 by Bin Guo
Let's welcome the new board!
CEG Members Met with Recruiter from Chevron
09/27/13 by Bin Guo
CEG had a lunch discussion with recruiter Alicia Kahn from Chevron.

Bo Jiang and Dr. Peichao Li joined China Energy Group

10/09/13 by Peng Zhao

Two new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights in thermal engineering and geomechanics.

CEG Extended Board Meeting
08/16/13 by Sili Deng
CEG held an extended board meeting on August for past-year summary and future planning.
CEG president introduced CEG to China officials and scholars
06/28/13 by Zhong Zheng
CEG president Zhong Zheng visited Beijing and Shanghai in June 2013, and introduced the China Energy Group to officals from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), scholars from Tsinghua University and Peking University, Business managers from the Energy Industries (including Shenhua Group, China Huaneng Group, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Nuclear Corporation), and researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and World Resource Institute.
CEG Lunch 8: Air Quality Monitoring in China (by Wen Wang)
11/14/12 by Zhong Zheng
CEG member Wen Wang from the Department of Electrical Engineering led a discussion on air quality monitoring in China.
Prof. Zhentao Cong Gave Remote Seminar on Hydropower Situation in China
09/27/12 by Kang Sun
CEG first remote guest seminar featured Prof. Zhentao Cong
CEG Lunch 7: Solar Energy in China (by Ruoming Peng)
11/07/12 by Kang Sun and Hao Chen
CEG member Ruoming Peng from the Department of Electrical Engineering led a discussion on the data and situation of China solar energy.
CEG Lunch 6: Nuclear power by Lei Shi
10/24/12 by Hang Deng
This week's PUCEG lunch focused on the topic of nuclear power. Shi Lei talked discussed with other members present about the state of the art of nuclear fussion, interesting findings in scientific communities and the challenges of applying it at commercial scale for power generation.
CEG Lunch 5: Environmental Impact of the Human Energy Industry by Kang Sun
10/18/12 by Kang Sun 
CEG member Kang Sun from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering led a discussion on the environmental issues related to human energy generation and consumption.

Qiang Li joined China Energy Group

10/14/12 by Kang Sun

Dr. Li specializes in petrochemical technology and has many patents and journal publications

CEG Lunch 4: Frontiers of Combustion Energy by Peng Zhao
10/11/12 by Zhong Zheng and Peng Zhao
CEG member Peng Zhao from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering lead a discussion on combustion energy at our fourth CEG lunch.

Wang Zhan joined China Energy Group

10/08/12 by Kang Sun

Wang is interested in the global land surface hydrological cycle, particularly the water budget using land surface-atmosphere models and various sources of observations.

CEG Lunch 3: Shale Gas in China
10/02/12 by Kang Sun

CEG member Wei Peng from Woodrow Wilson School led a lunch discussion on shale gas in China.

Bocarsly_Group CEG Organized a Lab Tour to the Bocarsly Group
08/31/12 by Zhong Zheng,  Yuan Hu and Kuo Liao
CEG members conducted a lab tour to Prof. Bocarsly’s group in the Chemistry Department.

Dan Li joined China Energy Group

09/28/12 by Kang Sun

Dan’s research is broadly concerned with the interplay between climate, water and energy.

Gardiner Hill CEG Lunch 2: Hydropower - Facts that we know
09/25/12 by Zhong Zheng

CEG hosts a second Tuesday lunch! Bin Guo led a discussion on hydropower development in China.


Hui Wang and Qiuting (CC) Huang joined China Energy Group

09/22/12 by Kang Sun

Two new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights and resources.


Jing Gu, Xiaoyu Tang, Xiuneng Zhu joined China Energy Group

09/14/12 by Kang Sun

Three new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights and resources.


CEG lunch starts!

09/12/12 by Hang Deng
CEG lunch will be held regularly in the future, providing a platform for members to catch up and exchange ideas about energy-related issues in China.



CEG Members Meet Pascale Maloof Poussart of PEI

09/12/12 by Bin Guo (Revised by Zhong Zheng)

Seven CEG (potential) board members met with Dr. Pascale Maloof Poussart of PEI (the Princeton Environmental Institute).


CEG held board meeting

09/07/12 by Kang Sun & Zhong Zheng

CEG held a board meeting on September 6, 2012 to discuss possible events in the new semester. We decided to start weekly CEG lunch at the Equad Cafe at noon time every Tuesday. All CEG members are encouraged to come and meet and talk to each other. We also decided to have a CEG member workshop, and a visit to Princeton power facilities.


Yong Yan, Phillip Hannam, Wen Wang, and Ruoming Peng joined China Energy Group

09/07/12 by Kang Sun

Four new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights and resources.


Wei Peng, Ting Tan, and He Wang joined China Energy Group

08/31/12 by Kang Sun

Three new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights and resources.

Shan Wanliang Shan, Lei Shi, and Zheyun Zhang joined China Energy Group
08/28/12 by Kang Sun

Three new members have joined Princeton University China Energy Group, bringing new insights and resources.

Lu_diannan" Prof LU Diannan from Tsinghua is visiting Princeton
08/23/12 by Zhong Zheng

Lu Diannan, an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University is now visiting Princeton.

Gardiner Hill CEG Members Meet Gardiner Hill and Nigel Jenvey from BP
08/21/12 by Bin Guo

CEG members today met Gardiner Hill, Director of Carbon Solutions and Nigel Jenvey, Subsurface Resource manager, Americas from BP. Professor Robert H. Socolow of MAE Department also attended the meeting.

Meet Gardiner Hill Meet Gardiner Hill
CEG is going to have a round table talk with Gardiner Hill, Director of BP Alternative Energy Global Carbon Sequestration Technology Group
CEG CEG Second board meeting
CEG board members met to celebrate recognition of the group by the University, and planned for recent activities and recruitment
CEG CEG is offically registered!
Princeton University China Energy Group is officially recognized for the 2012-2013 academic year
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