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Purkinje Neurons
Dmitry Sarkisov GS

Earth in Thread
Amineh Mahallati

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny
Claire Filloux '07

Gouania lupuloides
Celene Chang '06

Horsehead Nebula
Robert Vanderbei

Color Wheel
Darsh Ranjan '05

Sunset Wildebeest
Andy Dobson

Colored Buckles
Rebecca L. Peterson GS

Decaying Oak Leaf II(b): Attrition
Alessandra Leri GS

Black and White Manifolds
Melissa Green GS

Sergio Verdu

Vision on the Surface of the Nanoscale 3
Jordan P. Amadio '05

Design Evolution
James K. Guest and Jean H. Prévost

The Average Princetonian
Clay Bavor '05 and Jesse Levinson '05

Life on a Plate
Sara Hooshangi GS

Ex Plures Adveho Unus
Clay Bavor '05 and Jesse Levinson '05

Taconic Orogeny
Laura K.O. Smith '05

Robert Lupton

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