Central Jersey


Meeting Schedule



June 10,2004

            To be announce

May 6,2004

            Student Nite

April 15,2004

            To be announced

March 11,2004

            To be announced

February 12,2004

            Marty Scalan: Microspheres and Microcapsules

January 13,2004

            Tim Flanigan: Keeping Up To Date  With Current Good Manufacturing Practice



May 15, 2003

            Student Night

April 15,2003

            David Olson: Benefits of Diffusion Control in Chemical Processes

March 18,2003

            Jay Benziger: Making Polymer Membrane Fuel Cells Work with Practical Fuels

February 18,2003

            Lino Dimichino: Effective Mechanical Seal Performance Monitoring

January 21,2003

            Al W. Bourquin: Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation for Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Groundwater

December 10,2002 (Joint Meeting with Trenton ACS at Rider University)

            John Santosuosso:  Delaware River Bridges: History, Heritage, and Technology

November 13,2002

            Charles Gray: Converting Soot into Nanoparticles

October 22, 2002

            Timothy Flanigan: Current Good Manufacturing Practice




May 21, 2002

            Student Night: Poster Presentations by Princeton University Students

April 16 ,2002

            Michael Littman: Engineering in the Modern World

March 19, 2002

            Michael Ahrens: Duration & Conditions for Immunization

February 19, 2002

            Richard Pickup: Bad Things Can Still Happen to Good Companies

January  15,2002

            Diane Dorland: The Changing Nature of Chemical Engineering

December 11, 2001

            James Wei: Molecular Structure and Property - Product Engineering

November 27, 2001

            Stephen Hall: Web-based Project Management

October 16, 2001

            Nan Yao: Microscopy of Nanostructured Materials