The students and archaeologists of the 2006 summer course.
 Excavations in the Les Pradelles site. Carrie, Chrissy, Annebelle, Liz, Cailey and Jackie work on the cave sediments. Chrissy is excavating in an area where several Neandertal bones were recovered just before this photo was taken.  


And of course, after a human bone is found, we celebrate; here, Chrissy and Bruno open the bottles of bubbly.



Dinner at the restaurant in the village of Les Pradelles. Not what you would call haute cuisine, but good food nevertheless. Here, Carrie concentrates on dinner while Lyra looks to Dylan across the table. Rodney has been caught by the camera mid-sip (of water, bien sur).

The village center of Marillac-le-Franc. In recognition of the discoveries at Les Pradelles, the people of the village have commissioned this statue of a Neandertal in the painful process of emerging from his (our) evolutionary background.

April, Rodney and Matt take part in one of the high point activities of our work at Les Pradelles. Picking though the washed sediments for the bones of the tiny mammals and other vertebrates that inhabited the site with the Neandertals and whose presence can tell us much about the climate during the last glacial. From the look on their faces, you can tell that this work is simply great fun!
It is late in the day and we are all ready to head back to the priory for a cold drink, a shower and then off to dinner. But, here, Carrie and Chrissy finish some work in their squares. This view looking east into the site gives a very good idea of the extent of the excavations and the organization of the site. In the upper left corner is what is left of the cave. It is too dangerous for any of us to work in there.

Video of 2010 Summer Course

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