Princeton Power Electronics Research Lab

Towards Smaller, More Efficient, and Smarter Power Electronics

Magnetics and Machine Learning

  • High frequency magnetic materials and geometry

  • Magnetic core loss measurement and modeling

  • Machine learning

  • Power converter topologies enabled by new magnetic design


CPU Power Supply

  • Linear Extendable Group Operated (LEGO) power conversion architecture

  • Very high efficiency and power density

  • Highly modular with automatic current sharing and voltage balancing

  • Advanced control and magnetics design


Granular Power Electronics

  • Highly sophisticated power conversion architecture

  • Flexible, Programmable, Granular, Adaptive (FPGA) power electronics

  • Software-defined power electronics

  • Power management for sophisticated energy systems

Wireless Drone 

Wireless Power Transfer

  • 50W Wireless Power Transfer for 50cm

  • Novel Impedance Match Technology

  • Applicable to a Wide Range of Applications

  • High Frequency Power Conversion Technology

Data Center 

Data Center Power Delivery

  • Series-stacked Power Delivery Architecture

  • Towards High Performance and High Power Density

  • Exploring Hybrid Switched Capacitor Magnetics Concept

  • Holistic Optimization from Software Architecture to Hardware Architecture

DC Energy Homes 

MIMO DC Delivery Architecture for Smart Homes

  • A Smart Energy Router that Links Sources and Loads

  • Novel MIMO Power Conversion Concept

  • Reconfigurable Power Delivery Architecture

  • New Topologies and Control Strategies for DC Homes

MultiTrack PFC 

High Frequency (MHz) Grid-Interface PFC

  • 150W AC-DC Power Converter with Universal Input Range

  • Hybrid Switched Capacitor Magnetics Power Conversion Architecture

  • 50 W/inch^3 Power Density with 90% Efficiency

  • 3x Higher Power Density than Best State-of-the-Art Design

MultiTrack DCDC 

Ultra High Density Telecom Point-of-Load Converter

  • 75W Telecom Power Converter with Extremely Wide Operation Range

  • Hybrid Switched Capacitor Magnetics Power Conversion Architecture

  • 450 W/inch^3 Power Density with 91% Efficiency

  • 3x Higher Power Density than Best State-of-the-Art Design

MEB Microinverter 

Ultra High Efficiency Solar Micro-inverter

  • 150W Solar Microinverter with Integrated Energy Storage

  • MultiLevel Energy Buffer Technique for DC-AC Applications

  • 95% Peak Efficiency with 91% Light Load Efficiency

  • 20% Smaller Energy Buffer Size than Conventional Designs

Planar Magnetics Modeling 

Systematic Planar Magnetics Modeling Approach

  • A Full Analytical Method without Numerical Discretization

  • Simulate Magnetic Components with Electrical Circuits

  • Experimentally Verified Applicability and Limitations

  • Enables Rapid Design of Sophisticated Magnetic Structures


Compact Electrolytic Free LED Driver

  • Stacked Switched Capacitor Energy Buffer Architecture

  • Plug-and-Play to Eliminate the Bulky Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Compatible with Commonly Used PFC Converter Topologies

  • Licensed Technology for Commercial Development