CHEMISTRY 301X - 2006

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 8:40-9:50 am

Lectures in Frick 120

Group Sessions in Butler College Dining Hall

"I have always worked better alone."

Claude Monet


Schedule for January:

1. Lecture on Chapter 11, Tuesday, Jan. 9th, 9 am, Frick 324

2. Question Session #14, Thursday, Jan. 18, 11 am, Frick 124

3. Question Session #15, Saturday, Jan. 20, 11 am, Frick 124

4. Question Session #16, Monday, Jan. 22, 11 am, Frick 124

5. Final Examination, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 9 am-12:30 pm, McCosh 50 (not our choice!!!)

Coverage: Chapters 1-10, 15, parts of 11 (chains, HBr/peroxides, NBS)



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Models? - Yes you need them. We suggest Darling Models, which you can order online, just click on the link to start. Kit #3 (organic) should work. There are price savings for multiple orders, so get together.

FAQ: Old Books---Resonance Forms ---What's that Dot Doing in that MO? --- What Makes a Good Nucleophile? --- Where are the 3D Pics on the WWW? --- Transition State vs. Intermediate --- polyenyl systems.


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