Improving the Prospects for Future International Peace Operations: Workshop Proceedings

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Full Report ~877K
Front Matter ~47K
Table of Contents ~32K

1: Introduction & Summary ~169K
2: Organization and Planning Requirements: Lessons Drawn from Past Operations ~66K
3: Case Study: The Multilateral Force in The Sinai ~78K
4: Extended Peacekeeping: Planning and Technical Requirements: Lessons from Recent Operations ~99K
5: Lessons from Cambodia: Strengthening United States Intervention ~86K
6: New Zealand and Collective Security ~62K
7: Peace Enforcement Organizational Planning and Technical Requirements ~89K
8: UNOSOM II: Could Technology Have Made a Difference? ~75K
9: UNPROFOR and UNTAC: Lessons Learned as to Requirements for Planning, Training, and Equipment ~49K
10: Technology and Peacekeeping: Too Good to Be True? ~58K
11: Mine Problems in Peacekeeping Operations ~58K
12: Technologies to Support Peacekeeping Operations ~90K
13: Non-Lethal Weapons: A Synopsis ~97K
14: The Role of Technology in Peace Operations ~53K

A: Workshop Agenda ~32K
B: Advisory Panel ~28K