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On Friday morning, reuners and seniors lined up outside PJ's Pancake House on Nassau Street. From left, Janice Jin ’01 (back to camera), Lindsay Gartman ’01 (wearing purple), Laura Schutz ’01 (with bag), and Matthew Schwartz ’00 with Mayra Ceja ’03 wait patiently for their turn to enter.

Art imitating life? Professor John Wilmerding, known for coordinating his ties with the contents of his lectures, sports a big one for his last lecture in his class on American art and Modernism.

May 4, 2001
Workers used nets to scoop out the suds that bubbled up from the fountain at the Woodrow Wilson School. No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the annual soaping of the waters.


April 24, 2001
On a bright spring morning, a group of students practiced field hockey at the 1952 Stadium.

April 16, 2001
On a picture perfect Easter Sunday, the Japanese magnolias at the Woodrow Wilson School plaza burst into pink glory. Today, rainfall and gloomy skies prevail.

April 9, 2001
At noon, approximately 200 people rallied at Frist Campus Center in support of cost of living adjustment increases for Princeton's lowest wage workers. The rally was sponsored by WROC -- Workers Rights Organizing Committee.

A cool winter's night: Recently our photographer Kristen Albertsen ’02 caught Toni Piech '02 burning the midnight wattage in his room in Dod Hall. The warm sunshine that arrived in Princeton this week — finally — might entice students outside to study in the daytime, or play Frisbee anyway.


This week director Ron Howard was at Princeton shooting the movie A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe. On Wednesday, a cool morning greeted the actors and crew as they prepared for a day's shooting on Cannon Green.

March madding crowd When the Tigers met North Carolina in the NCAA tournament on March 16, Frist Campus Center was jammed with students watching every available TV. Tigers may have lost 70-48, but their fans back home stayed with them until the end.

These undergraduates aren't yet wallflowers. They are, however, beginning students in the ballroom dance class offered at Dillon Gym on Wednesday evenings. Photographer Kristen Albertsen ’02 also knows how to dance.

David Bengali ’04 (left), from Frederick, Maryland, and Allie Tepper ’01, from New York City, pose onstage at Theatre Intime Wednesday night. Bengali, lighting designer, and Tepper (a physics major), set designer, work late preparing for a production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, to be produced this weekend and next.

At the Frist event booth, this student is one of many purchasing a ticket to a UFO concert taking place in the Frist performance space over the past weekend.

When the casting call came for "A Beautiful MInd," a film to be shot on campus this spring, among the hopefuls at McCosh 110 were Victoria Paige ’01 (left), of Sparta, New Jersey, and Laura Hahn ’01, of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.

On the night before Valentine's Day, Frist was packed with students. Peter Sculco ’04 studies for his psychology class.

On the first day after intersession, one happy senior makes her way to an engineering class at the E-Quad.


Even during intersession, Orange Key tours take place. This small band of visitors toured the campus on a rainy Tuesday in January. Annie Ruderman ’01, one of PAW’s On the Campus writers, snapped this shot during a tour she took just for fun. (See her On the Campus column, posted Monday, February 5.).

exam week, members of Agape Christian Fellowship offered hot chocolate to passersby on McCosh Walk. Shown left to right are: Rebekah Wagner ’02, Parker Altman ’02, Christy Cronin ’04, Judd Robertson ’02, and Jeff Mah ’02. Serving himself is Jeff Schneider ’98, who was visiting campus.

On Wednesday, January 11, sophomores Ryan Driscoll, Kyle Stout, Bianca Martinez, and Rick Pickett waited for the start of a rally in McCosh 46. The rally was organized by WROC (Workers' Rights Organizing Committee), a new campus group hoping to improve the lot of Princeton's lowest-paid employees. The four students, all part-time food service workers, came to show support for the university employees with whom they work. The rally attracted an overflowing crowd of more than 200 people.

Five days after a New Year's blizzard, campus lay nestled under snow as it awaited students' return on January 8.

Matt Frazier '02 and Kim Palladino '02 take a moment during the Whig-Clio holiday banquet to pose in the Senate Chamber. Photographer Kristen Albertsen '02 referred to them as "just goofin' around."

Winter formals took place on December 9 at the clubs. Shown here at a pre-dance cocktail party are (left to right) Stephen Ahnert '02, Graeme Ramshaw '02, Andrew Fernandez '02, and Dave Volk '02, roommates in Brown Hall.

At the Whig-Clio elections that took place December 6, shown is an unidentified freshman registering with Vance Serchuk '01, the elections chair. This annual event results in the election of the central officers, who are Jon Ophardt '03, president; Jamie Bartholomew '02, vice president; and James Tieng '03, secretary. The elections were raucous, as is to be expected from the debaters and politicians in the Whig Cliosophic Society. (Photo by Kristen Albertsen '02)

Plazi Ricklin, Eddy Fiorelli, and Nathan Marsh, all MAE grad students, get ready for the intramural hockey game between the E-Quad and the Woodrow Wilson School. Stephen Ahnert '02 snapped the photo around 10 p.m. on November 27. The game ended in a 7-7 tie.

On Friday afternoon, November 17, Todd Johnson '03 runs circles on Cannon Green as part of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Photographer Stephen Ahnert '02 said that Todd and his fraternity brothers ran for two hours; it was not known how much money was raised.

November 10: Instead of hanging around Frist Campus Center to view the latest election news on the big-screen TV, Matt Wisnioski GS read Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery in the 1969 Garden next to Murray-Dodge. Wisnioski is a first-year grad student in the history of science. His reading is for Dan Rodgers's class Problems in American Cultural and Intellectual History.

On a perfect football afternoon, just before the Tigers met the Quakers on the gridiron, the band wended its way to the stadium, passing through "The Hedgehog and the Fox," Richard Serra's tilty sculpture. The perfect football afternoon, though, turned into a rout for Penn, who trounced Princeton 40-24.


Liz Condliffe '02 (foreground) and Jessica Roeder '02 use a mill to shape one of the beams for a crane, a project for the MAE 321 Engineering Design class. Teams of six compete against classmates to build lightweight cranes that lift a heavy load to a specified height in a certain time. (Photo by Stephen Ahnert '02)

On a picture-perfect October 21, the Tigers met the Crimson at Princeton Stadium. Despite the valiant efforts of Princeton's new quarterback, David Splithoff '04, Princeton fell 35-21. Stephen Ahnert '02 took this shot around 2:30 p.m.

At the Science and Technology Job Fair on October 13 in Dillon, more than a hundred companies (Ford, IBM, Trilogy,, Anderson) collected resumes and handed out promotional material (pens, post-its, bottle-openers) to students. According to photographer Stephen Ahnert '02, most students went to stock up on free stuff.

On October 5, the day President Clinton spoke on campus as part of a conference, two student groups, Democratic Left and Students for Nader, set up this table in Firestone plaza to take advantage of the added pedestrian traffic and of the presence of the national media. From left are Balazs Hetenyi, a research associate in chemistry, and graduate students Curtis Deutsch, Kyoko Sato, and Joe Conley.

After a three-day fall bicker, Tower Club welcomed its seven new members with a champagne party on Thursday evening, September 28. This photo, taken at 11 p.m. by Stephen Ahnert '02, a member of Tower Club, shows the new members in a group on the left with two of the club's officers standing by, Geoff Gentile '01, the assistant social chair (center with two bottles of bubbly) and Dan Winn '01, president (in profile on the right). The event was semi-formal.

Singing in the Arch
Part of this year's new-member initiation for the Nassoons took place Sunday, September 24, at 11:15 p.m. in the newly renovated Blair Arch. Photographer Steve Ahnert '02 caught the all-male singing group doing a "choreo" song, as Ahnert said, which "basically makes the new members look ridiculous since they don't know any of the moves."

On Monday morning, September 18, students check their email at stand-up "kiosks" at the Frist Campus Center. The kiosks allow students, faculty, and staff to log-on to Princeton's electronic network.

"Moving Day"
Saloni Doshi '03 and her father, Bharat, on the lawn behind Alexander Hall prepare to heave her belongings, including a futon, books, lamps, and carpet to Campbell Hall. Saloni, who comes from Holmdel, New Jersey, said she was able to bring so much stuff because she lives so close to Princeton.