Registration Fees

Early (7/1 - 9/20) Normal (9/21 - 10/11) Late (10/12 - 10/17)
Student $40 $45 $50
Adult $50 $55 $60


  • Student: Any full-time high school, undergraduate, or graduate student
  • Adult: Any non-student amateur
  • Double registration in two consecutive levels is allowed in silver and above. A single couple can register in silver and gold, but not in silver and bronze. Champion couples can only register for free if they only dance in Champion level.
  • Multi-level couples must dance at the level of the more advanced partner.
  • A dancer may register for bronze and silver only if he/she dances with different partners and neither of these partners is double-registered.
  • Same-sex partnerships are allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on age or affiliation. Youth, adult, and non-collegiate competitors are welcome.
  • All dancers must register for at least one event.
  • Dancers will be charged based on the date of the latest edit to their registration information. (Example: If I register early for Bronze Smooth events, but decide to add Bronze Standard events to my registration during normal registration period, the overall fee will correspond to normal registration)
  • Dropping all events from a registration constitutes a cancellation of the registration.
  • Refunds will be determined according to the following table:

Percentage refunded
Before Oct 11 100%
Before Oct 17 50%
After Oct 17 No refunds
  • Events: The following events are subject to change depending on the number of registrations for each level or event.
  • Events Smooth Standard Rhythm Latin
    Newcomer W, T, F W, T, Q C, R, Sw C, R, J
    Bronze W, T, F, Vw W, T, F, Q C, R, Sw, M C, S, R, J
    Silver W/T, F, Vw W, T, F, Q C/R, Sw/M C, S, R, J
    Gold W/T, F/Vw W/T, F/Q C/R, Sw/M C/R, S/J
    All ----- Vw B P
    Pre-champ W/T/F/Q, Vw, C/R/S/J, P
    Champ W/T/F/Q, Vw, C/R/S/J, P
    Open C/R/Sw/B/M, W/T/F/Vw
    Key Waltz (W) Quickstep (Q) Swing (Sw) Jive (J)
    Tango (T) Cha-cha (C) Mambo (M) Paso Doble (P)
    Foxtrot (F) Rumba (R) Bolero (B) Viennese Waltz (Vw)
    Samba (S)


    • Dancers may compete in newcomer only if they started dancing after August 1st, 2014.
    • The accumulation of seven or more points in an event at a particular level according to the YCN point system makes a competitor ineligible to compete in that event/level
    • The YCN points system will be used for all levels. Any dancers disobeying this system can be disqualified, even after the competition.

    Syllabi and Costumes

    • Newcomer and Bronze: ISTD Bronze syllabus for International style, USISTD Bronze syllabus for American style. No continuity footwork.
    • Silver and Gold: ISTD Silver or Gold syllabus respectively for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Silver or Gold syllabus respectively or any other major syllabus for American style.
    • Syllabus Viennese Waltz and Paso Doble: ISTD Gold syllabus and below for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Gold syllabus and below or any other major syllabus for American style.
    • Open: Not restricted to syllabus, but no lifts permitted.
    • Costumes are allowed in Bronze and above.

    Conduct and Liability

    The organizers have the right to eject anyone from the premises for unruly conduct or for violation of any of the rules or guidelines. Flagrant disregard of any of the rules or regulations will result in a mark down of placement or in a disqualification where necessary.

    Princeton University and the Princeton Ballroom Dance Club are not liable for any property lost or damage and injury or other misfortune that occurs during the competition.