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Phillip_Hannam Phillip Hannam

Woodrow Wilson School (WWS) of Public and International Affairs

Member since 09/2012

Email: phannam@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: 2nd year PhD Student in Public and International Affairs

Research Interest:

Phil is pursuing the following research directions:

  • International Cooperation on mitigation of short-lived climate forcers;
  • The implications of international climate policies for energy access initiatives in least developed countries;
  • Institutional competition in international energy lending: the influence of Chinese energy investment in the developing world;
  • Policy strategies for deepening international cooperation on climate change, including equitable burden sharing frameworks and alternative flexible mechanisms.

Selected Publications:

  1. Hannam, P. & Liao, Z. (2012) “Incentivizing Low-Carbon South-South Investment with a Novel UNFCCC Flexible Mechanism.” Under review at Climate Policy (based on Tongji University Master Thesis).
  2. Hannam, P. & Liao, Z. (2012) “China’s involvement in South-South Energy Cooperation.” Manuscript in Preparation (based on Tongji University Master Thesis).
  3. Hannam, P. & McGlynn, E. (2012). “Considering cumulative and future emissions for climate change burden sharing” Under review at Energy Policy.
  4. McGlynn, E. & Hannam, P. (2011). “Ethical foundations of benefit-based burden sharing for climate change mitigation.” Manuscript in preparation.
  5. Hannam, P. (2012). “Climate and Clean Air Coalition: A Promising Bottom-Up Strategy?” Manuscript in preparation.
  6. “Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Second Edition” (2012). Edited by S. George Philander.  Contributing Author for “Certified Emission Reductions”, “Flexibility Mechanisms”, “Contraction and Convergence”, “Offshoring emissions”, “Maryland”, “University of Maryland”.
  7. Hannam, P., Kyle, P., & Smith, S. (2009). “Global Deployment of Geothermal Energy Using a New Characterization in GCAM 1.0.”  Joint Global Change Research Institute, U.S. Department of Energy. Contract DE‑AC05‑76RL01830 [Link].
  8. Zhang, B., Zhang, L., Li, F., Hu, W., & Hannam, P. (2010). “Testing the formation of Ca–phosphonate precipitates and evaluating the anionic polymers as Ca–phosphonate precipitates and CaCO3 scale inhibitor in simulated cooling water.” Journal of Corrosion Science: Vol.52 (12), pp.3883-90 [Link].
  9. Liao, Z., Mao, X., Hannam, P. & Zhao, T. (2012). “Adaptation methodology of CBR for environmental emergency preparedness system based on an Improved Genetic Algorithm.” Expert Systems with Applications: Vol.39, pp.7029-40.
  10. Hannam, P. & Rebois, D. (2010) “Student and Community Sustainability Impacts of One Student-led University Organization Conducting International Engineering Development Projects.” Proceedings of EESD 2010 in Gothenberg, Sweden [Link].
  11. Conroy, E., Green, D., Hannam, P., Kosmer, M., Meiselles, A., Roach, E., Singhania, S., & Zhang, A. (May 09).  “Identification and Assessment of Potential Wind Energy Project Sites in the State of Maryland”; Gemstone Thesis. Univ. of Maryland Archives: [Link].
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