CEG Member
Wen_Wang Wen Wang

Electrical Engineering

Member since 09/2012

Email: wenwang@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: PhD Candidate

Research Interest:

My research involves development of laser-based sensors for atmospheric sensing. Currently working on:

  1. Water vapor isotope analyzer – use isotopic composition to study water cycle under impact of urbanization
  2. Carbon dioxide sensor – to measure the amount of trace gas CO2, providing information on different sources/sinks

Selected Publications:

  1. W. E. Wang, A. P. M. Michel, L. Wang, M. Nikodem, T. Tsai, M. L. Baeck, J. Smith, and G. Wysocki, “A QCL-based Water Vapor Isotope Analyzer for Environmental Monitoring”, to be presented, in Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference,2012, ATh3L.2
  2. W. Wang, C. Smith, S. So, E. Bou-Zeid, and G. Wysocki, “Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring of Atmospheric Chemicals”, in Renewable Energy and the Environment, OSA Technical Digest (CD) (Optical Society of America, 2011), paper JWE19.
  3. W. Wang, S. So, F. Xie, C. Caneau, C. Zah, and G. Wysocki, “Compact Quantum Cascade Laser Based Atmospheric CO2 Sensor”, in Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, OSA Technical Digest (CD) (Optical Society of America, 2011), paper JMC5.
  4. W. Wang, W. Zhang, W.Xing, L. Shi, Y. Huang, J. Peng, “A novel 3-D microcavity based on bragg fiber dual-tapers”, in Journal of Lightwave Technology, volume 27, issue 18, year 2009, pp. 4145 - 4150
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