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Zhong Zheng Zhong Zheng
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Email: zzheng@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: PhD Candidate

Research Interest:

Zhong Zheng has broad interests in energy science, engineering and policy issues. Zhong is also interested in China issues. Zhong’s current research projects include:
1) Multi-phase flow dynamics in porous reservoirs with application to carbon capture and storage (CCS), enhance oil recovery (EOR), and shale gas recovery processes;
2) CCS source-sink match, early demonstration, and international collaboration opportunities;
3) Coupled decision-making processes between countries and stakeholders in energy field;
4) Energy system integration and optimization, China energy strategy and policy.

Selected Publications:

13. Z. Zheng, I. Griffiths, H. A. Stone, under review. Propagation of a viscous thin film over an elastic membrane, Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

12. Z. Zheng, H. Kim, H. A. Stone, under review. Controlling viscous fingering using time-dependent strategies, Physical Review Letters.

11. B. Guo, Z. Zheng (joint first authors), M. A. Celia, H. A. Stone, under review. Axisymmetric flows from fluid injection into a confined porous medium. Physics of Fluids.

10. H. Kim, Z. Zheng, H. A. Stone, 2015. Non-circular spreading patterns during fluid injection into a porous medium, Langmuir, 31, 5864--5868.

9. C. Lai, Z. Zheng, E. Dressaire, J. S. Wexler, H. A. Stone, accepted. Fluid-driven cracks in an elastic matrix. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A. 

8. Z. Zheng, S. Shin, H. A. Stone, accepted. Converging gravity currents over a permeable substrate, Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

7. Z. Zheng, L. Rongy, H. A. Stone, 2015. Viscous fluid injection into a confined channel, Physics of Fluids, 27, 062105, 1--15.

6. Z. Zheng, B. Guo, I. C. Christov, M. A. Celia, H. A. Stone, 2015. Flow regimes for fluid injection into a confined porous medium, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 767, 881--909 (2015 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Fellows).

5. Z. Zheng, I. C. Christov, H. A. Stone, 2014. Influence of heterogeneity on second-kind self-similar solutions for viscous gravity currents, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 747, 218--246.

4. Z. Zheng, B. Soh, H. E. Huppert, H. A. Stone, 2013. Fluid drainage from the edge of a porous reservoir, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 718, 558--568.

3. Z. Zheng, E. D. Larson, Z. Li, G. Liu, R. H. Williams, 2010. Near-term mega-scale CCS demonstration opportunities in China, Energy and Environmental Science, 3, 1153--1169 (Featured on the journal cover).

2. Z. Zheng, D. Gao, L. Ma, Z. Li, W. Ni, 2009. CCS source-sink match design and optimization in Jing-Jin-Ji region of China, Frontier of Energy and Power Engineering in China, 3, 359--368.

1. L. Chang, W. Ni, Z. Li, Z. Zheng, 2009. Selection of best hydrogen transport mode in the hydrogen supply chain, Journal of Tsinghua University, 49, 257--260.

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