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Zhong Zheng Zhong Zheng
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Email: zzheng@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: PhD Candidate

Research Interest:

Zhong Zheng has broad interests in energy science, engineering and policy issues. Zhong is also interested in China issues. Zhong’s current research projects include:
1) Multi-phase flow dynamics in porous reservoirs with application to carbon capture and storage (CCS), enhance oil recovery (EOR), and shale gas recovery processes;
2) CCS source-sink match, early demonstration, and international collaboration opportunities;
3) Coupled decision-making processes between countries and stakeholders in energy field;
4) Energy system integration and optimization, China energy strategy and policy.

Selected Publications:

  1. H. Kim, Z. Zheng, H. A. Stone, to submit. Non-circular spreading patterns during fluid injection into a porous medium, Physics of Fluids.

  2. B. Guo, Z. Zheng*, M. A. Celia, H. A. Stone, to submit. Axisymmetric flows from fluid injection into a confined porous medium, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (*Z. Zheng and B. Guo are co-first authors).

  3. Z. Zheng, S. J. Chapman, I. C. Christov, H. A. Stone, to submit, Viscous converging gravity currents, Physics of Fluids.

  4. Z. Zheng, L. Rongy, H. A. Stone, under review. Viscous fluid injection into a confined channel, Physics of Fluids.

  5. Z. Zheng, H. Kim, H. A. Stone, under review. Controlling viscous fingering using time-dependent strategies, Physical Review Letters.

  6. Z. Zheng, S. Shin, H. A. Stone, under review. Converging gravity currents over a permeable substrate, Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

  7. Z. Zheng, B. Guo, I. C. Christov, M. A. Celia, H. A. Stone, in press. Flow regimes for fluid injection into a confined porous medium, Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

  8. Z. Zheng, I. C. Christov, H. A. Stone, 2014. Influence of heterogeneity on second-kind self-similar solutions for viscous gravity currents, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 747, 218 -- 246.

  9. Z. Zheng, B. Soh, H. E. Huppert, H. A. Stone, 2013. Fluid drainage from the edge of a porous reservoir, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 718, 558 -- 568.

  10. Z. Zheng, E. D. Larson, Z. Li, G. Liu, R. H. Williams, 2010. Near-term mega-scale CCS demonstration opportunities in China, Energy and Environmental Science, 3, 1153 -- 1169 (Featured on the journal cover).

  11. Z. Zheng, D. Gao, L. Ma, Z. Li, W. Ni, 2009. CCS source-sink match design and optimization in Jing-Jin-Ji region of China, Frontier of Energy and Power Engineering in China, 3, 359 -- 368.

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