why YOU should audition for the katzenjammers

Q. I don't think I have time to be in an a cappella group. What about my classes? The other things I want to do with my time?

A. Never fear! Although it does take a lot of time, being a Katzenjammer usually IMPROVES your time management skills. Our majors include engineering, economics, comparative literature, physics, and even the Woodrow Wilson school. Each member takes his or her academics very seriously. In addition to the Katz, most members balance full extracurricular schedules: Triangle Club, PLOrk,Quipfire!, PEF, Glee Club, Chamber Choir, PUP shows, campus jobs, RCA duties, and much more. Rehearsals (normally about six hours a week) are set to accommodate these activities.

Q. What distinguishes the Katzenjammers from the other a cappella groups on campus? Why should I try out for you?

A. Each of Princeton's a cappella groups has a distinct personality; that's what makes arch sings so great! We encourage you to get to know each of the groups to decide which one fits you best--and remember, you can try out for as many groups as you want. Our unique personality lies in our music. Quality music is always the highest priority for us, and we hope that our performances show that. Unlike most groups, we regularly perform jazz, pop, and classical music in an a cappella setting. Our arrangements are second to none, and their difficulty and breadth is made possible only by the range and flexibility of a coed group composed of extremely talented singers. Come to an archsing and hear for yourself the one-and-only Katzenjammer sound!

Q. Music's great, but what about the social aspect of an a cappella group?

A. Many of our members have found their closest friends by joining the Katzenjammers, and the group as a whole loves hanging out and having fun. Check out our photos section to see just how much fun we have. We also tour yearly--in Princeton, joining an a cappella group is the best way to see the world! In addition to the tours, we also take two weeks out of each year (once after the end of classes in May and once before the beginning of classes in September) to bond as a group at the beach or some other relaxing spot.

Q. You guys already have too many people on my voice part. There's no way I'll make it in.

A. Nonsense! We accept new members because we think their voices have something special to contribute to the group, not because we need a certain voice part. Last fall, the Katz accepted three newbies on the same voice part! Class year is also no excuse for not auditioning, so sophomores, we expect you at our auditions too!

Q. I can't read music, is that a problem?

A. Although sight reading is a component of our audition, very few auditionees get it perfectly and many of our members got the bulk of their reading abilities from practicing with the group. You don't need to know music theory, solfege, or have a ton of choral experience--all we're asking for is your voice.

Q. I'd like to audition, but I'm deathly afraid of singing in front of people. There's absolutely no way I'm going to be able to audition for a bunch of complete strangers.

A. Relax! Auditioning is completely low-pressure, low-stress and low-key. Don't let auditions scare you-- remember, we all went through it at one point too! Check out the roster page to get to know the faces that will be looking back at you during your audition, and click here for a complete walkthrough of the audition process.

Q. Okay, I'm ready to audition. How?

A. Great! Sign up at our board in the Woolworth Music Center for evening slots on one of three audition days, or sign up at our Open House! Visit our auditions page for more information.