Touring biannually is an essential part of the Katzenjammer experience. These tours take the group around the world; recent tours have included San Francisco (Intersession '10), Paris (Fall '08), Chicago (Spring '08), Calgary (Fall '07), Georgia (Spring '07), Ireland (Fall '06), Los Angeles (Fall '05), London (Spring '05), Seattle (Fall '04), and Guatemala (Intersession 04). Check out our photos section! On these tours, Katzenjammers have explored monuments and cathedrals, braved extreme rollercoasters, listened to incredible performances, and won awards at prestigious international choral festivals. Tours take place twice a year, during Princeton's fall and spring breaks. In addition to these tours, the group takes the week between the end of finals and Reunions (known as Deadweek) to relax before the chaos of Reunions weekend, and also takes a week before the start of classes to rehearse and prepare for the coming year (Beachweek).

In January 2010, the Katzenjammers went on a tour of San Francisco and saw many of its great sites -- the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Fisherman's Wharf, where they saw adorable sea lions on Pier 39! Maybe they didn't quite take Route 66 to get there...but it was a fun ride, nonetheless.

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