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July 16, 2008:

Remembering George Garrett ’52 *56 *85, writer and professor
A Pulitzer Prize-winning poet offers a tribute to Garrett’s humor, storytelling, encouragement, and commitment to the art of writing.
By Henry Taylor

A conservative think tank with many Princeton ties
The low-profile Witherspoon Institute has strong links to the Madison Program

By Deborah Yaffe

Remembering John Wheeler, physicist and teacher
By Cheuk-Yin Wong '61 *66 p'89 p'91 p'99
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sankofa: Looking back as we move forward
By Robert J. Rivers Jr. '53

The DOE's view of the future of Princeton's fusion-energy lab
A Q&A with federal fusion-energy official Raymond J. Fonck *74

June 4, 2008:
Former president Robert F. Goheen '40 *48 died March 31.
CLICK HERE for complete coverage and alumni remembrances.

PawPlus Archives, Volume 08 (2007-2008)

May 14, 2008:

PLOrk debuts at Carnegie Hall
Members of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) and assistant professor Dan Trueman brought their music to Carnegie Hall April 25. For a story published in the May 14, 2008, issue of PAW, click here. For a link to video clips showing how PLOrk makes music, click here.

April 30, 2008:

Hundreds attend Chapel memorial service for Goheen

Robert Francis Goheen '40 *48
Memories of a leader who mastered the art of listening
By Christopher Connell '71

April 2, 2008:

Assessment and general education: resisting reductionism without resisting responsibility
By Stanley N. Katz

Anxiety over graduate housing
Room draw is a stressful time for grad students, Melinda Baldwin GS writes.

March 19, 2008:

Overheard on Alumni Day 2008
If you missed the Alumni Day panels and lectures, hereís a sampling of what the speakers had to say.

The real Bard of Avon?
Richard M. Waugaman '70 describes the "smoking gun" that helps document who he says really wrote Shakespeare's works.

February 13, 2008: Around the world in orange and black: The journey of a Princeton flag
By Denali Barron ’09
January 23, 2008:

Witness -- and mover -- of history
Merrell Noden '78 talks with Nicholas Katzenbach '43 about his public service during turbulent times.

(For a condensed version of this interview published in the Jan. 23, 2008, issue of PAW, click here.)

Influential Princeton alumni

The salesman
Lud Gutmann '55 recalls the day a scholarship student and his parents went to Langrock's to pick out a suit for graduation.

November 21, 2007:


Who's afraid of Senator Byrd?
The complete text of Professor Stanley N. Katz's Sept. 17 Constitution Day talk. For an edited version published in the Nov. 21, 2007, issue of PAW, click here.

From PAW archives: An ancient goat head's 'message of gratitude'
A half-century ago, an 1,800-year-old marble goat's head at the Princeton Art Museum was big news when it was found to have been stolen from Italy. But the story had a happy ending for both sides.

November 7, 2007:

Stories from the war zone
Four alumni and a grad student describe their time on the front line of combat. (For E.B. Boyd '89's stories of 11 alumni and the lessons they learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, published in the Nov. 7, 2007, issue of PAW, click here.)

Lessons learned at Princeton: Reflections of a failed mathematician
Faculty and students, "alternately crazy and great," were doing work that changed the world, Carl L. Heimowitz '64 says of his days in the math department.

October 24, 2007:

Bradley ’65 reflects on Princeton and politics

It was easy to be angry at the homeless man – until you got to know him

By Barbara Risk de Boinville ’74

September 26, 2007:

‘The bite of the type’
By Elyse Graham ’07

Princeton in retirement’s service
How tastes and values formed at college help prepare for a second act
By Bruce A. Cogan ’73

PawPlus Archives, Volume 07 (2006-2007)

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July 18, 2007:

A farewell to the Princeton Class of Destiny
The 2007 Baccalaureate address delivered by professor emeritus John Fleming *63

James C. Hepburn 1832: Physician, missionary, educator, translator, lexicographer
By Bruce G. Dunning ’62

June 6, 2007:

More great books for summer

The North Korean nuclear crisis and its impact
By Desaix Anderson ’58

After Virginia Tech

May 9, 2007:

Debating Colbert on global warming
Professor Michael Oppenheimer parried with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert on climate change. To see the exchange, click here.
For more about Oppenheimer's work in global-warming research, see "From the Editor" in the May 9, 2007, issue of PAW, click here.

Juggling kids and careers
A survey of the Class of 1980 offers plenty of data, and raises some questions, about how men and women view their work and family choices, Cynthia King Vance '80 writes

April 18, 2007: Q&A with James A. Baker '52
In an expanded version of his "Moment with" interview in the April 18, 2007, issue of PAW, James A. Baker '52 speaks about world affairs and life at Princeton.
April 4, 2007:
The wartime campus
Edward D. Simsarian '45 describes the Princeton experience during World War II

By Edward D. Simsarian '45
March 21 , 2007:

‘To meet your father when you're 82
A son is touched by a Class of 1907 alumnus, after 75 years
By Richard Schwarzchild

February 21, 2007:

A week at summer camp
When Sam Hartwell '52 was a volunteer counselor, the hardest part was saying good-bye

January 24, 2007:
No path to citizenship
By Ilya Shapiro '99
December 13 , 2006:
An interview with Greil Marcus
The music journalist and cultural critic talks about arts writing, teaching at Princeton, and Bob Dylan. For a shorter version of this interview published in the Dec. 13, 2006, issue of PAW, click here.
November 22, 2006:

The 2006 Bonfire
CLICK HERE to view video clips of the 2006 bonfire, as well as vintage clips of bonfires from 1926 and 1948.

Edward Taylor and Alimta’s long road to success
Miriam Bocarsly '06 tells how a "shockingly good drug" was developed

November 8, 2006:
The 'bare-minimum approach' to Iraq isn't working
By Pete Hegseth '03
October 25, 2006: Jason Kamras ’95 on providing a quality education for all

October 11, 2006:

An interview with Gary Walters '67
Princeton's director of athletics on NCAA basketball, the Ivy League at 50, and Princeton's sports culture.

Princeton's action to end early-decision: What it will mean
A Q&A with Admission Dean Janet Rapelye

September 27, 2006:

Safe passage out of Beirut
Summer studies of Princeton students were disrupted by hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah forces. For a story published in PAW Sept. 27, click here. For links to blogs about the events by Jay Saxon '05, Callie Lefevre '09, and Jason Turetsky '07, click below.

Remarks by President Arnold Speert
William Paterson University Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Hunter President Jennifer Raab’s June 2006 commencement address

Avoiding the 'freshman 15'
An interview with Daphne Oz '08, whose new book tells how college students can maintain a healthy lifestyle. (For an abridged version of this interview published in the Sept. 27, 2006 PAW, click here.)


PawPlus Archives, Volume 06 (2005-2006)

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July 19, 2006:

Rain man
By Benjamin A. Plotinsky ’99

June 7, 2006

Crouching, Hidden, Homeless: The Princeton Fu Dogs
By Monica H. Wojcik ’07

Madeleine Albright's '14 points for the 21st century’'

May 10, 2006: Homer's odyssey
William I. Homer '51 recalls the early days of the Creative Arts Program.

April 5, 2006:


'Commando training'
Jonathan Ames '87 tells how his fencing coach prepared him for an unforgettable match.

Do-it-yourself authors
Fifteen alumni and their recently self-published books

(To read a story on Princeton authors and the print-on-demand business from PAW's April 5 issue, click here)

March 23, 2006:

PAW forum: Princeton admissions and "The Chosen"
Read what alumni are saying about Jerome Karabel's book about Ivy League admissions and former admission dean Fred Hargadon's response.
Read an excerpt of "The Chosen"
Alumni letters
Fred Hargadon's response

March 22, 2006:

Black Power and the American University
By W. Arthur Lewis

March 8, 2006:

Encountering Iran
Henry Posner Jr. ’41 contrasts an angry government, a welcoming people
By Henry Posner Jr. ’41

Trading oak trees for ivy
A Tulane student describes her ‘semester abroad’ at Princeton
By Rosa Mathai, Tulane ’08

Deconstructing Greenspan
Two Princeton professors analyze the longtime Fed chairman’s record of success

February 15, 2006:

Accepted to Princeton: Parental pride – and shame
By Susan A. Patton Jaffe ’77

January 25, 2006:

'Not prepared for the devastation'
Jonathan Mitchell *92 provides shelter to Pakistani earthquake victims

‘Inundated by grief’
Nurse Stacia Birdsall ’02 finds ‘strength and grace’ among the devastation

December 14, 2005:

Evangelical Christian lobbyist Richard Land ’69

Gulf Coast journal
Stephanie Feldstein ’08 reports on students’ hurricane relief work during fall break

On the run
Hugh O’Neill ’74 tells how running with daughter Becky ’07 fosters a special bond
By Hugh O’Neill ’74

Song lyrics from Tina deVaron '78

November 16, 2005:

‘A great day to be a soldier’
Army Capt. Jonathan Shine ’98 on referendum day in Iraq
by Army Capt. Jonathan A. Shine ’98

November 2, 2005:

The dean’s blog
Wilson School dean Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80 on American diplomacy

Slideshow of Machu Picchu

October 19, 2005: NEW! ∆ Back to New Orleans
Three weeks after the levees broke, Tom Andre '98 returns home.
October 5, 2005:

Climbing Kilimanjaro
‘A father-and-son moment to remember’
By Eric F. Edmunds Jr. ’75

September 14, 2005: Returning to the fold
Stewart Levin '75 tells why, after three decades cut off from Princeton, he attended his first reunion this year


PawPlus Archives, Volume 05 (2004-2005)

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July 13th, 2005:


A 'sense of shock and sadness'
Alumni in London recount their experiences the day of the terrorist attacks
July 6, 2005:

Voices of Reunions 2005
A selection of quotes heard around the campus
Advice from Princeton alumni for 2005 graduates

2005 Commencement and Class Day: student addresses
Valedictorian Varun K. Phadke '05 on not being too serious
Salutatorian Graham E. Phillips '05 on the "Roman conquest of Princeton"
Margaret Johnson '05 on worries about "our impossibly bright future"

Reunions & Commencement 2005: A PAW photo album
More than 160 images of Reunions and Commencement 2005. The album includes two slide shows and links to photos of each major reunion class, graduate alumni and the Old Guard.

June 29, 2005:

Remembering the first 'War of the Worlds' broadcast
‘Men from Mars gave the campus a good shakeup,' PAW reported in 1938

July 16 concert to benefit group started by Princeton alumni
David Sancious to appear in Red Bank, N.J., to benefit SPARKS Academy

June 8, 2005:

For students, a sense of empowerment
By Asheesh Kapur Siddique ’07

Let’s have a real debate, not obstruction
By Dylan S. Hogarty ’06

April 20, 2005:


Selected poems by Philip Holmes
Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

A Short Critique of the Long Telegram
By Fletcher M. Burton *88

From the Archives:
More Snow Sculptures
April 6, 2005:

Tsunami Stories:

Helpless Terror
by Leslie Anson v. Wangenheim ’85

Ship of Mercy
by Robert Lorenz ’68

Ed Rogers ’87 recollections of the tsunami (posted Feb. 9, 2005)

March 9, 2005

Women in Science:
—Statement by Shirley Tilghman, president of Princeton University; John Hennessy, president of Stanford University; and Susan Hockfield, president of MIT
—Statements from Princeton graduate students in science and engineering
—Statement by Professor Emily Carter
—An address by President Shirley Tilghman March 24 on "Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Women Scientists in Academia"

February 28, 2005:

Wrestling celebrates centennial

January 26, 2005

The Sad Song of Delia Green and Cooney Houston
By Sean Wilentz

December 8, 2004 On Democracy and Education
Lecture by Eddie S. Glaude Jr., at the Fifth Annual Convocation of the Program in Teacher Preparation, Nov. 9, 2004
October 6, 2004

More political cartoons from Henry Payne '84

September 15, 2004 Princeton Football 2004: A closer look
Facts and Figures, Players, Coaches, Opponents, Preseason Rankings

PawPlus Archives, Volume 04 (2003-2004)

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July 7, 2004 The Senior Dialogue
Princeton University
Commencement, June 9, 1970
July 7, 2004

J. Stewart Dill ’70, President of Princeton University’s Senior Class
on Saturday, June 6, 1970

July 7, 2004 President Shirley Tilghman
“Conversation with Alumni”
Princeton University
May 29, 2004
July 7, 2004

Professors' picks
More suggested summer reading

June 9, 2004:

Recording your life story
Writer and teacher William Zinsser ’44 pens another instructional book

December 17, 2003

Club Sports Snapshots

November 5, 2003

Orientalism, by Edward Said '57
2003 Preface to the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition
October 8, 2003


September 10, 2003

Phil Thune '92's Positional and Game by Game Analysis for the Tigers 2003-04 season

September 10, 2003

More of the Lightman interview

September 10, 2003

Brain sensors or literary critics
Chemist Warren S. Warren writes about his share of the project with poet Paul Muldoon


PawPlus Archives, Volume 03 (2003-2003)

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July 2, 2003:

A call for a return to Judaism's dialectic roots
There's "Nothing Sacred" about the state of Judaism for Douglas Rushkoff '83


Aquinas, the Church, and the plague
Professor William Jordan *73 sheds light on the Middle Ages

June 4, 2003:

Taking the blues out of baseball
Red Sox fan Wes Tooke '98 takes his team to the top, almost, in his debut novel

Summer reading
Professor's Picks: A complete list

March 26, 2003 Alumni Day:
Frist's speech
Bell's speech
February 26, 2003 Interview with Michael Doran *97, assistant professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton and adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations
January 29, 2003

You don't want to know this
It isn't hamburger heaven after all

More logic problems

Red and redder
Some Famous (and Infamous) Redheads

November 20, 2002


Master of history
How Robert A. Caro '57 approaches his work
October 23, 2002

The Saga of the Thai Silk King
Twenty years later, James Thompson '28's disappearance remains a mystery
Originally published in PAW May 6, 1987

Reforming Morocco
Expatriate Prince Moulay Hicham '85 calls for change at campus conference on the Islamic world

September 11, 2002:

Economy blamed for slight dip in Annual Giving
Major reunion classes and recent alumni lift totals

Robertson family sues Princeton over management of $550-million foundation

Admission office investigation concludes
Staff disciplined and director reassigned

A look at Princeton's president's first year

Excerpts from Elizabeth Greenberg '02's senior thesis about Princeton rituals and student traditions

June 5, 2002:

Barton Gellman '82 wins Pulitzer

A reporter's life: Barton Gellman '82

MoBio major
Scott Vafai '02 discovers link between diet and Alzheimer's

Becoming a historian and activist
Sarah Seo studies former comfort women in Korea

An artist, traveler, and computer geek
Jon Harris produces new magazine

May 15, 2002:

Interactive map of new campus buildings

Dennis Keller ’63's remarks at the dedication of the Friend Center

April 24, 2002:

Perry Cook's webpage: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/%7Eprc/PAW02.html

Behind the Biotech Boom
George Rathmann *51's enthusiasm for research and head for business gave rise to a $22-billion industry

April 10, 2002

Well, gosh, it was a wonderful life
James Stewart '32 museum in his hometown hosts Princeton memorabilia
Story and photographs by Louis Jacobson '92

U.S. healthcare 2002
Professor of economics Uwe Reinhardt on the state of U.S. healthcare system

An Alternative to Alcohol Abuse: Housing Reform in the Residential Colleges
by Brian Muegge ’05

March 27, 2002:

Opinions about the film A Beautiful Mind:

Happenstance and Old Nassau's saga
By Brad Bradford ’44

A straight look at schizophrenia
Physician Richard Keefe '80 takes the cinematic out of this mental disease

Exploiting a Beautiful Mind
By Daniel Rockmore '84

Gaga for Go:
Game gurus give gold to the film A Beautiful Mind
By Rick Mott '73

A Beautiful Soul:
One Princeton professor reflects on John Nash *50's fortune and theory
By Patrick J. Deneen

Searching for genius, a theory, or simply patterns:
John Nash and game theory
By Daniel A. Grech '99

Images of the mathematics department from the 1960s from an album by Jay Goldman

Now or never: Human rights, international law and the prospects for peace in the Middle East
A Lecture
By Richard Cummings '59, Ph.D.

Man about New York
David Remnick '81 talks with PAW about the editing life

Dancing in a magical land
The Nobel Prize Centennial Celebration — 2001
By Lynn Greenberg and Michael Rothschild

Of saccharine melodies and melodramatic duets
Robert Greenberg '76 lectures to thousands about music

March 13, 2002

A scholar, priest, and public servant
Thomas E. Breidenthal takes over as new dean of religious life

A Call to Care
An account of his medical missionary trip to Hopital Lumiere in Haiti
By Bill Greene '68

Big Game, Small World
By Alexander Wolff ’79

Photos of the restoration of the University Chapel

February 13, 2002:

Talking about dames
Maria DiBattista on her new book, Fast-talking Dames
Interview by Jane Chapman Martin '89

January 30. 2002:

More on Math and Fine Hall:

Images of the mathematics department from the 1960s from an album by Jay Goldman

The Laboratories:
Fine Hall is the Seventh Building for the Scientific Departments

Princeton and Mathematics, by Virginia Chaplin
PAW, May 9, 1958

Interview with Albert Tucker

The Princeton Mathematics Community in the 1930s: An Oral History

January 30, 2002:

Letter from F.H. Borsch ’57
Text of the Prayer of Invocation for the installation of President Shirley Tilghman

January 30, 2002:
Field notebook excerpts