CEG Lunch 8: Air Quality Monitoring in China

Wen Wang is leading a discussion. Clockwise: Zhong Zheng, Wen Wang, Tiance Wang (Guest), Ruoming Peng, CC Huang, Ting Tan.

by Zhong Zheng


[Nov 14, 2012, Princeton]

CEG member Wen Wang from the Department of Electrical Engineering led a discussion on air quality monitoring in China. Wen led the discussion by asking and answering three questions:

  1. What are we looking at? Emissions (SOx, NOx, Particles, O3, VOCs, et al) from different sectors such as power generation, industry, and transportation sector.
  2. What are the released quality standards? First published in 1982, modified in 1996, and newly released 2012 version.
  3. How does the current quality monitoring system work?
    1. 113 cities have been publishing air quality daily report since 2008 (SO2, NO2 and PM10)
    2. 55 cities have published PM2.5 data, 25 published O3 data, 24 published CO data.
    3. Standard haven’t met international standard.
    4. Challenges include capacity development for different cities, network development, et al.


Clockwise: Bo Guo, Wen Wang, Tiance Wang (Guest), Ruoming Peng, Kang Sun, CC Huang, Ting Tan, Hao Chen. (Behind the picture: Zhong Zheng, Xinwo Huang and Jie Feng). 



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