Corrosion & Environmental Degradation
Table of Contents
Corrosion is a major cause of the deterioration of engineering structures, and has an associated cost that is about 5% of the gross national product. This implies that corrosion control is an important consideration in the design process. The process is not only associated with large engineering structures, but is associated with semiconductor devices and materials used to fabricate medical implants. Biocompatibility of implants involves material stability in the biological environment as well as the non-toxic nature of the material and its corrosion products.

This section will explore some of the fundamental reactions involved in corrosion and strategies to minimize the corrosion process. 


    Electrochemical Processes
       Electrode Potentials
       Reaction Rate
       Galvanic Cells
       Crevice corrosion
       Stress Corrosion
       Pit Corrosion
       Hydrogen Cracking

    Protection Methods
       Passive Surface Films
      Al, Stainless Steel, Ti

    Biological Environments
       Biological Corrosion
       Orthopedic Implants