While Princeton can be a wonderful place with a multitude of opportunities, it can at times be an overwhelming place. This period of life is also one where we are told that we will be finding ourselves, and all of the ideas, stresses, and pressures that come along with this journey can cause us to be unsuccessful and experience uncertainty.

Thankfully there are a large number of centers and individuals at Princeton that exist solely to support students as they go through transformative changes when they mature and start to become adults. Whether it is a gender, sexuality, or disability related social concern, there is a group of individuals whose sole job it is to care about the concern and guide you through managing it.

Please browse the resources below and get to know which specific individuals or centers you can turn to when you experience social stress so that you can get it under control right as it starts and continue to excel at all the opportunities you take part in at Princeton.

General Support

Discover which resources you can turn to for support at any point in time.

LGBT Center

Discover the center that can support you through questions on sexuality.

Social Resources Office of Disabilitiy Services

Discover the center that supports students with all physical and learning diabilities.


Discover the Sexual Harrassment/Assault Advising Resources and Education center.

Women's Center

Discover the center dedicated to supporting women at Princeton through mentorship and programming.