As confident as you may be in your ability to perform academically because of your grades and comprehension level in high school, Princeton will challenge you more than you ever thought academics could. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed with the material taught in the courses as well as the speed at which it is taught because a large emphasis is placed on independent learning of complex concepts.

But the truth is that so many resources exist on campus to support all students, and successful students at Princeton utilize the resources that exist. From Princeton students that dedicate their time to tutoring each other, to Professors that hold office hours, the people of Princeton are here to support you academically.

Below you will find a list of resources at Princeton that allow students to get the academic support that will allow them to flourish. Don't stay in your room struggling with a problem set thinking everyone else is doing it on their own; know your resources and use them.

Freshman Scholars Institute

Learn about a program that helps you to prepare for Princeton before the school year officially begins.

Writing Center

Find out how to get feedback on your writing as well as develop strategies to improve your writing skills.

Individual Peer Tutoring

Read about the free tutoring program for students that the university offers through the residential colleges.

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Explore an opportunity that grants financial support to those interested in pursuing a career in academia.

McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning

Learn how to get academic help for various introductory courses and strategies that will help you improve your academic performance.

Halftime Retreat

Find out about an opportunity during intersession of your sophomore year in which you can set major goals for Princeton and life in general while also getting to know your peers.