Money: we spend far too much time worrying about it and far too little time proactively finding solutions to our problems. While we should be concerned about it, we should not let it consume us, and we can do this by simply facing facts, facts that we hope have been outlined clearly in this website.

Below you will find a compilation of all of the different financial resources that Princeton has to offer those who are not able to pay some of the costs that they incur while being a student at Princeton University. Whether it is related to health costs, dining costs, school supply costs, or any other costs, we hope you find some of the information contained in the links below useful in helping to make decisions as to how you are going to navigate the costs you incur while at Princeton.

To get more information about financial aid, visit:


Don't wait to find out what to do when you encounter a financial emergency; know which resources you can turn to if you do have one.


Explore what financial assitance exists for medical related expeditures that you incur while being enrolled at Princeton.

Perkins Student Loan

Find out what the Perkins student loan is, a last resort financial resource for when no other funding will cover an expenditure.

School Supplies

Browse through the resources that can make investing in quality school supplies a reality.

Upperclassmen Dining

Discover what the finances behind joining an eating club, going independent, or joining a co-op are like and the resources you can access while trying to finance them.